Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sewing? Yes - Blogging? No

While this blog's been a little quiet lately it's not for lack of sewing activity taking place in my sewing room. I've worked on some alterations, a few projects for the June 2014 Sew It All magazine, samples for a taping of Sew It All TV (eek!  yes, I taped an episode this pat Oct!  I'll share more in a future post), some skirts, some tops, and a project that has been cut out for TWO years!  

Yep, you read that right. This jacket has been sitting in a box ready to sew for two years. 

It's Vogue 1201, a Donna Karan design(now OOP).  When I purchased the pattern I didn't realize the jacket was designed for a low-pile faux fur.  What?!? Oh, wait, it also said velvet or lightweight tweed. Whew!

A number of years ago, well almost four to be exact) I took advantage of a fabulous sale at and purchased some beautiful designer fabric from a Vera Wang collection. All for the whopping price of $1.99/yard.  Yea, I know, a lot of you took advantage of that sale too didn't you? 

In that purchase was a beautiful purple wool that I decided would work beautifully for this Vogue jacket. After altering the pattern for a slight FBA, I cut it out, added interfacing and packed it away as the winter season was drawing to a close.

Last year I had good intentions of sewing the jacket, but you know what they say about good intentions, right? Well, maybe that was only my mother that used that saying...

Anyway, I pulled the pieces out a few weeks ago and began to sew.  The construction of the collar is quite interesting, but I'll save that for the full review.
Photo from my Instagram account (

I still love the fabric, but goodness I'm just not sure yet about the jacket. I sewed it to this point and then stopped. At first I thought it was the large collar I disliked, but after adding shoulder pads and fiddling with the fit while wearing it, I have since realized that the entire shoulder area is too large.

For now I'm letting GiGi (my sewing mannequin) wear it while I decide what to do.

Hopefully she won't still be wearing it two years from now.


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  1. That is a pretty combination of fabric and pattern, hope you can get it all fitting correctly. That color will be gorgeous on you. Also, congrats on all the Sew It All accomplishments.

  2. Great pattern and wonderful fabric choice!

  3. I've missed your blog posts. I know that I'm following you on Instagram but still your blog posts helped my sewing progress and I miss that!

  4. Nice jacket. Saw something similar worn by Olivia Pope on Scandal (TV programme).

  5. I have missed your posts on your blog so was happy to see this. Saw some of your recent photos on Instagram. Look forward to seeing some creations. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

  6. How exciting! You have lots of fun things happening. I love the jacket, hope you can make it work.



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