Saturday, November 30, 2013

McCalls 6797 - a easy to wear knit top with flare

Let me introduce you to my new fave go-to knit top: McCall's 6797.

It's a Palmer/Pletsch design that goes together so quickly you'll hardly spend any time sewing.  I sewed this one at the end of August thinking I'd be wear it once or twice before packing it away for the season, but I find myself pulling it out when I want something comfy and just bit dressier than your standard pullover.

Let's talk construction. 
As you can see from the photo it is an asymmetrical top with one wide sleeve and one long sleeve. The body and wide sleeve are cut in one and there are are only a few pattern pieces, a front and back, a sleeve and a neck band. 

The fabric I used had and interesting repeat to and I had to think about my layout carefully. The pieces are cut single layer making it a bit easier to place patterns where I wanted them.
Sewing, like I said, is simple.  

The shoulder and upper sleeve seams are sewn together before adding the neck band. 

The pattern instructions for adding the band are great - very thorough explaining how to mark the centers and sides and the importance of matching markings and stretching the band to fit.  As you can see the band is slightly smaller than the neck opening.
 Before stitching the band to the neck edge, I measured the band and basted from the outer folded edge of the band to make sure I didn't accidentally stretch the band narrower in some spots when stitching. 

 The neckband is finished with by topstitching 1/8" from the neck seam.

After stitching the side seams I tried it on to check fit.  I did zero alterations on this top, and many of you know I almost always need to do an FBA (full bust adjustment) on my patterns, even knit tops.  This one has a lot of wearing ease.  This is one of those patterns that comes XS to XXL.  Because the size I would typically sew (12) is on the lower end of the M I cut between a S and M.  I think it's cut rather generously and I might go down to a S next time. I think it will depend on the fabric I choose.

At this point, I added the long sleeve.  If you know you're going to add the long sleeve you could always stitch it flat and then stitch the side seam.  

A quick and hem and voila!  A fun new knit top. 

The one sleeve is pretty wide and you can see undergarments through the opening so the next time I'll likely sew that opening narrower. Although how often will I actually walk around with my arms up like this?

This fabric I used is a rayon/lycra purchased from SR Harris (love that fabric outlet store!) and is almost too heavy for this design.  I think a silk jersey or ITY knit would be fabulous.

I like that the top is comfy enough for every day wear, interesting enough for semi-casual dining.

And it's perfect for photo bombing at family get-togethers!

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  1. Great fabric choice :)

  2. Hahaha ... love that last pic! Cool top and great pairing of fabric/print.

  3. Great top! Love how you worked the fabric placement!

  4. Great looking top. I have that pattern also. The fabric works great for this. I really need to pull this one out and sew it up for a quick sewing gratification!

  5. Funny last pictures, great top and fabric.

  6. That fabric is perfect for that pattern. I might not have given the pattern a second look, but with that fabric, it is perfect.

  7. What a PERFECT fabric choice and layout! It looks great!

  8. Wow, I wasn't too thrilled with the original pattern but your version is fantastic. You are so right, chic but comfy, the perfect combo.



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