Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slow and steady - Simplicity 2343 skirt

Slow and steady wins the race - at least that's how the saying goes.  It's a little challenging for me to be sewing for more than a month on a simple pencil skirt, but my available sewing time has been reduced to 10 to 45 minute blocks of time.

The progress so far.
Feb. 17 choose the mustard yellow wool fabric to sew a skirt using Simplicity 2343)

I choose Simplicity 2343, because I wear my orange version fairly often.

Feb. 23, sewed upper yokes to front and back skirt pieces
Did you notice anything odd in the photo above? Think about it.  The piece on the left is the upper side yoke of skirt back. The piece on the right is upper side yoke of skirt front. I didn't even notice I had sewed it incorrectly until I was done pressing... And that is why you should not mix Margaritas and sewing.

Feb. 24, decided to do add embroidered running stitches to emphasis the yoke seam lines
Can you believe it? Me, a self-proclaimed hater* of hand-sewing, actually choose to take time to add embroidered running stitches to this skirt.  (* well, maybe not hater, but I do have a strong dislike for sewing by hand.)

Feb. 28, sewed the side seams and added the skirt waist yoke
I did a pretty good job matching that seams of the yokes at the side seams if I do say so myself. Of course it bugs me that the hand stitches didn't line up, so I'll probably adjust those too.

Feb. 28, couldn't decide on a zipper so set the skirt aside
I'm a huge fan of invisible zippers, and have not sewn a centered or lapped zipper application in probably two years.  So of course the only matching zipper I had was the "vintage" maize, which was not invisible. So I posted my dilemma on my Facebook page and received some great suggestions.  I love the Internet and my online sewing friends!

March 10, added a double tab to hide the non-matching zipper pull
After mulling over the potential zipper options, I choose the invisible zipper in a non-matching color. To hide the zipper pull I added to small tabs. The triangle shape was chosen to mimic the upper side yokes on the skirt.

Now I only have to cut and sew in the lining, hem it up and it'll be ready to wear as I transition from winter to spring.  Then I'm on to my next project - which is likely involve a great piece of designer fabric I purchased the other day at SR Harris.

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  1. This is going to be so pretty. I like your inventive way to hide the zipper pull. I read somewhere to paint the pull with fingernail polish to match.

  2. those tabs are super cute!

  3. Hi, I like the way you have also tackled the time management side of sewing with this skirt. Sometimes you have to be disciplined with sewing when life has all those other demands. Well done, everything about the skirt is fantastic, including the tabs and hand top stitching.

  4. Hello from Spain: you sew very well. The skirt is fine .. Keep in touch

  5. Great idea with the zipper - those tabs are very creative and stylish!

  6. Sometimes we need to use a hand-sewing on our work and that is cool that you are still open for the old school method of sewing.

  7. Love the details on your skirt!

  8. Love the colour of the skirt, still mastering the enclosed zipper but getting there

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I was reading your blog, and saw that you mentioned SR Harris. Hey, I live in Duluth and think SR Harris is heaven on earth! I blog at

    I think the little triangles that you used to hide the mismatched zipper pull look great. Sometimes a problem in a sewing project turns out to be a blessing!

  10. Your skirt is looking fabulous. I think my sewing time is going to screech to a halt soon. I should take advantage of long days before starting my new job. g

  11. Love everything about this skirt so far...the color, zipper tabs, the hand stitching...perfection!

  12. Anonymous5:48 AM

    I love the colour and your creativity! I love yoru solution for unmatching zipper :-)



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