Monday, February 18, 2013

Burda Angled Ruffle Top #130-08-2012 #FAIL

Remember last month when I in my casual comfort sewing zone?  I sewed two cute tunics (Vogue 8817 here and Vogue 8831 here) and was pleased with both looks.  

Deciding I must be on a roll, I quickly traced, cut out and sewed the Burda angled ruffle top #130 from the August 2012 issue.

See how cute this looks?  Loose fitting for comfort yet ruffle details for style.  
Image from Burda (




After trying it on and then laughing hysterically, I took a few photos! 

I guess I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
A big old #FAIL!  And I do mean "big", LOL.

Goodness there is so much ease in this baby....
Thank goodness I used an old knit to try out the pattern before I cut into my silk jersey!

So, should you decide to go ahead and sew this one, be sure to take a few minutes to measure the pattern.  I didn't and by doing so I could have avoided this little failure.

Be sure to use fabric with no right or wrong side as the wrong side will show on the lower ruffle.

Bottom ruffle is sewn to lower edge of tunic in curved seam - one edge of ruffle is left unsewn
The unsewn bottom ruffle edge is folded up along the fold line

The bottom ruffle is folded up (wrong side shows) and sewn along the side seam forming another ruffle

The upper ruffle is a separate pattern piece and is sewn in place after adding the side ruffle

By the way, my version ended up being a #FAIL, but you can find a successful version on Burda's site. 

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  1. Hilarious. You are somewhere in that puddle of fabric, right?

    1. I know! It is hilarious isn't it? I'll donate it on the off chance it will be discovered by someone who can wear it.

  2. I had a similar disaster with a loose fitting Burda top. I've since discovered that if they describe something as loose fitting I have to go down at least a size, and sometimes two. At least you didn't use your good fabric.

  3. You're funny. I like how you've dealt with this pattern. I wouldn't call it a fail.

  4. I wouldn't call it a fail either - just a learning curve! Mind you, I can see the funny side of it. Glad I did - I like your blog - I found you through the Fearless February challenge (tenthousandsewinghours.blogspot. If you want to see my learning curves (chuckle) pop over to my blog and see my February project.

  5. Well, there you go. Ba-bye tunic!

  6. Nice selection of color for the dress.

  7. These things do happen. As someone said it was a learning curve.

  8. So many Minneapolis sewers! I just found your blog. I'm a fan! :)

    And the color of this blouse is gorgeous!!

  9. I think it depends on how much "fit" you want.
    I made it up & like it since it flows. The arm
    is not supposed to be close. Don't think it looks too bad on you.



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