Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Beating the mid-winter blues

I'm kind of excited.   We're only four days into the New Year and I have already begun a new dress for the new year.  Go me!

I've begun sewing an easy dress using Vogue 8744.  
Image from

The only description provided is "fitted".  Now c'mon Vogue, we know you can do better than that.

I would add that this dress has front and back princess seams, raglan sleeves, a high rounded neckline, slightly lowered waistline that dips at the center front, a multi-seamed straight skirt, a center back walking slit and a back lapped zipper.  All of the seams are topstitched.

So far so good.  Even though matching seams and topstitching are a bit time-consuming.

Isn't that the loveliest shade of blue?  Perfect to lift one's spirit in the midst of the mid-winter blues

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Why Hello 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

I love the beginning of the new year.  A time to reflect on the past and a time to ponder the possibilities of what lies ahead.

2011 Sewing Reflections
As far as sewing stats go, I didn't accomplish much this year.  I was pumped to join the One Jacket A Month challenge, but failed miserably.  But it doesn't matter because I realized jackets are no longer a big part of my daily wardrobe.  Although I did fall in love my linen jacket from McCall's 6294.

2011 did have it's share of sewing stars - my Burda flirty founce skirt, the Butterick 5566 mini houndstooth skirt, and my Yabba-Dabba-Do dress from McCall's 6391.

There were some misses too - the infamous Vogue 1250 didn't work in my fabric choices, and the oversized big top look just isn't a good look for me.

Another miss - sewing related although not a sewing project - was not having my book idea picked up when I pitched it to four editors of leading sewing publishers. This was something I did while attending The Creative Çonnection in September 2010.  Even though my pitch didn't result in a book deal I'm so thankful for the experience. Where else would I have had a chance to speak to these industry leaders face-to-face? In hindsight can see that my idea was not ready to be pitched.  However I'm not giving up.  I left with valuable feedback and have been very busy behind the scenes tweaking the idea and the content.

I was blessed this year to have a dream come true - I've been a contributor to Sew News magazine, and even had my sweater refashion featured on the cover of the Oct/Nov Sew News issue.  I had three projects included in their annual publication Sew It All magazine.   Plus I was lucky enough to have my cupcake pocket apron included in the newest One Yard Wonders book.

In fact some of my final sewing for 2011 was for the magazines.  I must have had buttons on my brain when I pitched my ideas because three of the four projects involved buttons and buttonholes.

Of course the biggest blessing in 2011 was the continued healing of my son from his brain tumor. We continue to give God all the praise and glory for this and will always to do so no matter what the future holds.

What lies ahead for 2012? 
To begin with, I have quite a few sewing projects I finished and never posted.  You'll start seeing those in the next few weeks.

A blog revamp is definitely in order. In fact, I've begun already.  Let me know what you think of the new header!

More sewing for me! Almost ten pounds have snuck up over the past year and I finally admitted to myself that most of my clothes are too tight.  I'm a bit disappointed in myself.  My healthy eating and disciplined workouts went out the window when nearly two years ago with my son's brain tumor and the time he spent recovery at our home.  When he recovered and moved back on his own I never returned to my healthy habits. 

Which means 2012 is the year I add more than Zumba to my fitness routine and return to healthy eating. My biggest downfall is sweets.  I know I can kick the sweet cravings though as I was able to do it two years ago. I also know it will take about two months.

I'll be hanging out at The Sew Weekly as I answered their call for contributors and will be one of 50+ contributing to the blog in response to the weekly sewing challenge. Wish me luck!

As I continue work on my revised book proposal I suspect you'll be seeing glimpses of it in the coming months.  I may even team up with some of my sewing and blogging friends for a sewing theme or two.

While I don't have any assignments right now I'm hopeful I'll have opportunities to do more writing for Sew News

I've enjoyed sharing my tutorials with you and there are more to come in 2012.  You should see my notebooks - yes notebooks - that I carry around.  They are filled with notes to myself, sketches and other snippets of inspiration that comes at me during the day.

The only concrete sewing goal I'm setting is to sew something in leather. In all my years of sewing I've never sewn leather.  It's about time wouldn't you say?

I have no idea what exactly 2012 holds for me. I do know I'm excited about the future.

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