Sunday, December 02, 2012

DIY: Embroider shisha mirror snowflakes (a tutorial)

Recently I participated in a winter-themed potholder swap organized by the editors of Sew News and Sew iT All magazines.   
When I discovered my partner was interested in the blue/gray/white color scheme I pulled out a fat quarter bundle and got to work. The color scheme reminded me of our crisp, cold, below-zero January days when the snow-covered ground sparkles under the winter sun light. Thus the addition of the embroidered snowflakes with shisha "mirror" centers.  These are actually mylar circles, not glass pieces.

It's been awhile since I had embroidered shisha mirrors. (Oh alright, true confession...I haven't embroidered shisha mirrors since my teen years - which has been "awhile".)  I had a couple of false starts before I it came back to me so I documented the process to help me remember in the future.  You might find it helpful also, so here goes.

Embroidering shisha mirrors. 
I'm going to refer to them as mirrors, although they are mylar circles.  

Glue mirror to fabric to help hold it in place.

Thread a needle with three strands of embroidery floss.
Stitch two vertical lines across the mirror.

Stitch two horizontal lines across the mirror creating a box grid.

Stitch another box grid diagonally across the mirror.

Place the needle under the thread grid pattern.
Take a small stitch in the fabric. Be sure to keep the thread under the needle.

Pull the thread tight completing the stitch.
Continue placing the needle under the grid pattern, taking a small stitch in the fabric and pulling the thread tight.

Cover the grid completely creating a circle of stitches securing the mirror to the fabric. 

Embroider snowflake "legs" around the mirror. 
(Yes, I know I should have embroidered six versus eight and made them symmetrical.  But I liked this look. But if your preference is to be more realistic go for the symmetry. )
Embroider snowflake legs around shisha mirror

Using a contrasting thread color and a running stitch, embroider a circle around the mirror.
Embroider circle around shisha mirror

Using a contrasting thread embroider little "crystals" along the snowflake "legs".


Didn't I tell you it was simple?

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  1. That's pretty cool! I did lots of embroidery in my youth, but somehow missed this aspect. I wouldn't have guessed that is how one did it.

  2. That is such a pretty little detail. I once did something similar on a pair of mittens...makes me want to do it again!



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