Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fun with borders take three - McCall's 6319

If you follow me on Instagram (@sharonmadsen) you saw a sneak peek of this fabric about a month ago.  What you couldn't tell was that this piece of fabric was yet another border print.  (Yes, purchased from Denver Fabrics.  I want to go back to CO just so I can visit that store again.  Well, and to spend more time with the darling Amy who I met through the sewing blog world. But that's another post for another day.)

The bottom of this fabric had that great orange and white print while the top faded to a mottled orange.

I choose to sew McCall's 6319 because I wear my Yabba-Dabba-Doo dress much more often than I thought I would. I had yet to purchase McCall's 6612 or I would likely have three of those knit dresses hanging in my closet.

According to my post from last summer, I didn't make any alterations to this dress pattern.  But the waist on this orange version hits me slightly higher than my actual waist.  And higher than my yabba-dabba-do version.  I'm not sure why as both dresses are sewn with ITY knits. 
Anyway, it works.  I sit most of the day so the fact that the waist is too high doesn't bother me from a comfort level and I doubt anyone even notices.

I bet that's right where you want to look now isn't it?  LOL. 
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  1. Okay now im starting to get annoyed, because here is another great dress made from a border print. Seriously, do you have any more or do I need to sneak into your sewing room and relieve you of them? I'm sure I have some of their cousins here in NJ that would warmly welcome them.

    This one is just as awesome as its predecessors!

  2. FABULOUS fabric! Such a cute dress--I want one!

  3. So are you available for fabric shopping? You have a great eye for border prints and patterns.
    All three dresses are fab.

  4. It is a very cute dress. You have found the best fabrics lately.

  5. Oh, I want to shop with you!!!

  6. I really like this version also. I posted on Flickr that I am envious of these fabrics.

  7. We all want to shop with you. Or, hire you as our personal fabric shopper! Another beautiful dress!

  8. I am currently obsessed with finding border prints. There you go... just add to my obsession. Well done on the dress!

  9. I don't typically like orange, but I LOOOOOOOVE this dress! It's beautiful.



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