Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The McCall's 6556 Fashion Star swimsuit cover up

We just returned home from a 10-day motorcycle trip. Actually, that's not quite accurate.  Yes we were vacationing for 10 days, but my hubby rode the motorcycle to our destination while I followed behind in the car.  I joined him on the bike to explore the city once we were settled into our hotel room.

Knowing we would have access to a pool and hot tub at our hotel,  before we left I pulled out McCall's 6556, a Fashion Star dress pattern, thinking it would be perfect as a swimsuit cover up. An hour and 2-1/2 yards of fabric later, I had myself a new cover up.

Believe me, it was much more fun to walk the hotel hallways wearing this rather than wrapped in a towel. 
Front of McCall's 6556 "dress"

Back of McCall's 6556 "dress"
Side drape of McCall's 6556 "dress"
The fabric is a lightweight knit from Hancock Fabrics,  The gray stripes alternate with sheer "lace" stripes.  I cut a 12 at the shoulder/neckline and tapered out to a 14 for the balance of the garment. 

When this pattern was released I was immediately drawn to the asymmetrical style, however didn't think I'd have an opportunity to wear it. After all, I live in a suburb where most folks don shorts and sloppy  tees when running errands and I work in an environment that is both conservative and casual. Now that I've sewn it I've changed my mind.  I'm going to make myself one that I can pair with leggings for one of my date nights with my hubby. 

I'm off to shop my closet for the right piece of fabric....
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  1. This is so cute and you look fabulous in it! I think I'll have to make one for myself too! :)

  2. I agree with you that this is a stylish way to waltz to the pool instead of donning a towel!

    1. Yes! Especially those skimpy little hotel towels...

  3. You look fabulous! That is one very stylish cover-up. Oh, I also love your maxi dress - looks like it's perfect for hot weather.

  4. What a great cover up. I've seen that fabric and thought it was wonderful. g

  5. Hi Sharon...I love your cover-up...I have to admit that I wasn't drawn to this pattern when I first saw it, but you're making me reconsider looks great on you!

  6. Honestly Sharon, you're not the model type of when you use to portray some pose but you were magnificent giving another view of interest on that dress. The whole cover up was interesting and wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  7. That is one stylin' coverup dress, Sharon! I enjoyed looking at your modeling poses, totally Vogue-ish and fun.

  8. Such a beautiful dress and you wore it perfectly! I love this!



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