Monday, May 21, 2012 name is Sharon

Can it be that I've really been away from the sewing blog world for two months?  Indeed it has been a long time and I feel as if I need to introduce myself all over again.

Apparently I need to learn blogger again too. I've been away so long it has another new look!

It's not that I haven't been sewing - I have been.  I've even taken photos.  But I haven't taken time to share them with you.  But I will.

I've even been visiting your blogs to see what you've been up to. But I've been guilty of not leaving comments so you knew I was there.   But I will. 

So what I have been doing?

Well, one of my biggest time commitments has been preparing to teach Zumba.  Remember this post?  I was so excited to become licensed to teach as I've been enjoying taking classes for more than a year. 

Even more exciting was that an opportunity to teach presented itself almost immediately.   One of my girlfriend's approached the pastors at her church about allowing me to teach at their facility.  They said yes, we set a start date and I began preparing.

I ended up spending almost every spare minute practicing, modifying and memorizing routines, listening to the Zumba music until I knew exactly when the moves would change so I would know when to cue my class participants, attending as many Zumba classes as possible so I could learn from more experienced instructors tips for leading a class, continuing my own workouts at the gym so I'd be able to set a healthy example as an instructor.   My awesome Zumba instructor/mentor let me lead a song in her classes to help me transition from participant to instructor.   Another Zumba instructor/friend let me sub one of her classes - a group of teens - which was invaluable experience.

Finally the big day arrived - my first solo teaching gig.  Whoa!  I was hooked.  I knew I would enjoy teaching but I had no idea how much I would LOVE teaching.   The church group was warm, inviting and very energetic. I'm not sure who looks forward to the weekly classes more - me or them!

I went on to get another specialty license and I can now teach Zumba Gold classes.  This is really where my heart is - people new to Zumba, people just starting their fitness journeys, and older active adults,

Even before I was officially licensed I had a potential teaching job lined up for the Gold classes. Beginning Fall 2012 I'll teach Zumba Gold at an elementary school through  local community education.  Community Education is where I first discovered Zumba and now I'm thrilled to be able to help others discover an easier, low-impact version.

You'd think I'd stop there, right?  After all, I hold a full-time job and have plenty of hobbies to keep me busy during my non-work hours.  Nope. I'm now working on getting my group fitness exercise instructor certification.   Now my spare time is filled with learning about anatomy, exercise physiology and biomechanics, kinesiology and other fun stuff.

But I will find time for sewing.  Zumba Fitness is good for my body but sewing is good for my soul.

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  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Welcome Back! I have missed you!

  2. Yes, so true. Good for the soul. Wish I could take Zumba from you!

    1. Definitely good for the soul...and I'd love to have you in one of my classes!

  3. Wow you have been one very busy and very fit lady....I purchased Zumba on dvd a few months ago and have to admit I'm struggling to find the motivation to get going...any tips for us beginners...??

    Michelle xo

    1. Hi Michelle, Busy? yes. Fit? Working on it, LOL. In terms of motivation, do you have any friends or family that would do the DVD with you? Sometimes that makes a big difference, especially with a fitness program designed to "feel like a party". Don't worry about getting all the moves perfect. That will come with time. Just keep moving and work on doing the moves correctly so you don't hurt yourself. For tips on how to do some of the moves, do a search on YouTube for "Zumba Steps" it should bring up videos by Zumba Nation. Feel free to email me off the blog if you have specific questions (sewingbysharon at gmail dot com)

  4. Sharon, you forgot to mention being a regular contributor to Sew News, too! You are amazing and an inspiration when I need to prod myself a little! Remember me from the ASG bra class?

    1. Terry, how could I forget you! Thanks for the compliment :-) We really have to get together...I think we're working on another Twin Cities sewing meet up so I'll email you with details.

    2. A meet up would be great!

  5. Congratulations, Sharon! You look great, and we're all jealous, and we have missed reading your posts!

  6. nice blog here is mine hope u'll Fashion is my Passion: J'adore la mode
    u look beautiful diand you've gt lovely picturesbdw would you like to follow each other..??if so do let me know so that i can follow you back

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