Monday, February 20, 2012

A "vintage" fashion photo shoot

Sewing and fashion go hand-in-hand.    At least for me they do.  My first sewing experience was creating a dress at age eight and my love of fashion was born.

One of my nieces also loves fashion. But instead of sewing she captures it on film.  
She's in love my collection of 60s, 70s and 80s fashions - almost all thrifted over the past 15 years - and did a short fashion shoot last year with some of the clothing items.  It was so much fun we both vowed to find to find time to do it again.

That time finally arrived this weekend!  Never mind that it's February in Minnesota and that most of the clothing is more appropriate for warm weather.  She showed up Saturday  morning with her models ready to have fun.

They proceed to ooh and awe over all the clothing as she decided who would wear what...and make a bit of a mess of my living room in the process {smile}
But who cares? I had a blast watching them.

Turns out one of the girls had a trunk full of her mother's old garments, as her mother used to perform around the area.   This was one of those garments.  Gorgeous, huh?

They spent hours outside as my niece set up shots.  I ventured out once or twice to get some behind the scenes shots, but it was too cold for my taste!

As we were chatting this young lady off-offhandedly mentioned that her mother had been in Purple Rain and had a costume from the movie.  I was impressed! I would have *loved* to have been an extra in that movie as I was a big Prince fan at the time.  But it wasn't a big deal to her and she had no idea what part her mother had.  The young ladies were even a bit surprised to learn that the movie had been filmed in Minneapolis.

Kait has a vision as she sets up each shot and then does her editing magic with Photoshop.

 Becomes this:


Becomes this:

And this:
Becomes this:

I've put together a little Flickr slide show of the behind the scenes photos I took.  Enjoy.

Oh! And be sure to check out more of Kait's photos on her Facebook page, Kait's Photography. 

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  1. Sewing and fashion go hand in hand for me as well! I learned to sew as a little girl, and made clothes for all my dolls. In high school I was 5'10" tall and wore a size 1, so it was really hard for me to find clothes that fit. I turned back to my sewing machine and that's when my love of fabric was born; my aunt did couture sewing and kept me supplied with the most glorious fabrics! It's also very helpful to know how to sew when you collect vintage fashion; I often buy things a bit big and alter them for a perfect fit.
    It looks like a fun fashion shoot, and your collections is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo, Anita

  2. I remember my mum sewing mine and my three sisters clothes when we were young, the sewing machine was always running and we were always being measured for some new item of clothing. I love to sew but am not as good with the clothes side of things as my mum but I'm good with curtains, cushion covers and other drapery. And although my clothe sewing skills aren't great I'm a good mender, never does a button of mine come off, ever!!

    I love some of the dresses you have shown on your blog you make clothes for people or just for yourself and family??

    Your niece seems to have a good eye for photography as my daughter also does. Beautiful pictures.

  3. That sounds like so much fun, I bet you enjoyed the day thoroughly. Thanks for sharing the pictures and day with us.

  4. I bet they had a ton of fun doing this !



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