Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Feeling a bit gray: What I Wore Wednesday

I walked into the office this morning and noticed many of my co-workers had chosen outfits similar to mine.

Except they didn't wear red shoes.

Nor did they wear an animal print skirt (complete with hints of sparkle.)

But we did all choose on a black and gray color scheme.

Animal print skirt - Macy's (2012 - clearance $24)
Lace trimmed cami - Nordstrom's Rack (2010)
Black pearl trimmed cardi - Marshall's (2011)
Black tights - Target (2010
Red suede shoes - Sears (2002)

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  1. What a fun skirt. I'm a sucker for grey. Loving the way the red shoes brings the whole look together.

  2. Ha! I am wearing black and gray at the office today...with red shoes!

  3. Very nice outfit! I wore red shoes yesterday! g

  4. Love the skirt! It makes such a FUN outfit! ~tina

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love red shoes. They can really pull together the simple outfit-like jeans and a white shirt or khakis and chambray! When my girls were little we had matching red shoes to wear with our 'dress-up' outfits. What fun it was!

  6. That's a great outfit. A hint of colour with dark colours is always fun.



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