Monday, January 30, 2012

Sewing Pinspiration


Just reading the name makes your heart beat a little faster doesn't it?  {grin}

Seven months ago I asked if you were using Pinterest on my post "Do You Pin?".   Most of you were.  Or were planning to start.

I'm thinking a whole lotta folks discovered it in the past few months because new pins, repins and likes seem to have exploded with activity.

It's so addictive that I try hard to limit my time to a few hours and only on the weekends. 

I was reading an article today "Pinterest draws interest online"  and it mentioned that the site is "dominated by home decor, fashion, food and crafts" . 

Um, yea.  That's what I use it for. How about you?

I pin a lot of things I may want to sew.

Like this Michael Kors skirt I pinned.    Only $1,195 at Neiman Marcus.  Use Simplicity 5259 and sew one yourself.  Add a waistband if you want a more exact look.  
I pinned another Michael Kors item.   This time a   - this time a reversible cardigan that reminded me of a Sandra Betzina Today's Fit pattern - Vogue 1243.

Anthropologie always provides a lot of inspiration.  I pinned this Anthro Polka Dot knit top some time ago.  I plan on using McCall's 6164 to recreate one for myself.

If you pin, be sure to follow my boards so I can follow yours too.   (  The more pinspiration the better!

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  1. Another fun thing to do is to see what people pin from your blog/website, or a favorite website. For example, you can see what people pin from your blog using this link:

    Just change the "/" to any site and you can see what people pin from that site. I posted about this feature on my blog. ;)

    -shams (aka Sharon) :)

    1. That's a great tip Sharon! Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and I use it for wardrobe planning, sewing, crafts, food, books etc. In fact, it has replaced my long term planning list. Even home projects are on there. I set up a board which lists what I have accomplished using Pinterest, because I was concerned that pinning would take the place of doing. Just pinning is fine for inspiration, but I also like to be productive. Here's the board I made up:

  3. You are talented Sharon. You do so many new things in dress making; I got a little bit of sewing ideas from your blog!

  4. I am probably the only person who doesn't pin. Guess I'm afraid that it'll be one more site that I will get stuck at for hours. I'd rather be sewing... That could all change.

  5. I am totally pinning! I just started following yours and found it funny that we have a few of the same boards.

  6. You are quite the pinner! I just followed a handful of your boards... The hope is that all will lead to more actual sewing, but we shall see...

  7. With everyone saying how addicting it is, I am staying as far away as possible! Love your ideas here though, keep 'em coming!

  8. OMG i love your blog, your work is so inspiring. I love sewing but havent ventured into dress making as i feel i will suck at it.
    However your blog may have just given me the *push* i needed to try and sew something for myself or my girls!

    What pattern/sewing tutorial would you recommend i start with in dress making and what are the skills you think one needs to master to achieve a well made dress? (idea for a blog post perhaps?) :)

  9. Hi Sharon.
    How do you get into pininterest?



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