Sunday, January 08, 2012

Knock, Knock. Who's There? The nineteen eighties: A review of Vogue 8771

Color block?  check
Tunic length ?  check
Leggings?  check
Mullet hemline?  check

Ah, yes, all trademarks of 1980s fashions.I'm just missing the huge hoop earrings, heavy eyeliner and big hair.

All joking aside,  l must tell you that I like this top. I wanted something casual and comfy for at home and this is it.  

I used  Vogue 8771 - a super-duper easy pullover knit tunic top.   Vogue describes it as a Semi-fitted, pullover top with sleeve and hem variations.  Personally, I don't think of this as semi-fitted. I cut and sewed my normal size and found it to have more than enough ease.  Of course it may be that we're moving back into an over-sized fit fashion-wise and that will take some getting used to.

It has a high-low hemline which I find attractive as I like having my backside covered.  

The scoop neckline is perfect - not too low, not too high, not too narrow, not too wide. The dolman sleeves are right on trend and extremely comfy to wear.

There are only 10 steps included in Vogue's instructions for sewing this top. That's how easy it is.

I used knits I had on hand since I sewed this top to test the fit and to determine if I liked the style.  The gray knit - used on the dolman sleeves - is a RPL (rayon-poly-lycra) and the black is a bamboo knit. 

I'll shorten the next version I sew as the proportions on this one are a little bit off for me, especially if I choose to wear flat shoes.  I need something shorter to help my legs appear longer.  I'll also go down one-half to one size to see if I like the tighter fit better.

Overall it's fun and trendy top to make. It may only be fashionable for a season or two so sew it up quickly and have fun wearing it.

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  1. This is a great top and I love your choice of colors with the black and grey.

  2. Great top, you look wonderful.

  3. Love your top! I like the subtle color-blocking. I've been looking for a pattern that has symmetrical dolman sleeves. This one would be perfect!

  4. Micki6:35 PM

    Luv this!! Just put it on my "patterns to buy" list :>)

  5. This is a cute top on you and it does look casual and fun!

  6. That is adorable on you!!

  7. The 80s are my favourite fashion decade! Love your top.

  8. It looks great on you!! Just love it:)

  9. Were you listening to Howard Jones while posing?
    Super cute!

  10. That is just cute as can be! You've styled it perfectly with the boots. Very chic!

  11. Wonderful top! Perhaps with the trend for a looser fit we can all benefit from not worrying so much about the "perfect fit".

  12. Really cute!!! I wouldn't mind trying this one myself! ~tina

  13. Great top and you've written a fun post too.

  14. Great outfit! It looks really cute on you!



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