Sunday, January 29, 2012

A big sigh of relifef- she's back

Who's back? 

My little broken Pfaff machine, that's who.   She had to visit the sewing doctor a few weeks ago. 

See those looped stitches?  That was what she was doing.  Nothing I did could coax her into sewing properly.

As happy as I was to have another machine on hand - my Elna 8000 -  I sure did miss her IDT and a whole lot of other features. I never realized often I used the needle down function until I didn't have it easily available. 

I can't even tell you how often I found myself backstitching when I didn't mean to.  And vice versa. My Elna's backstitch function is located in a different spot than the Pfaff.

Now I can get back to work on my Vogue 8744 dress.

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  1. Isn't it nice to get our babies back?

  2. Life's so much easier when everything works as it should!

  3. Nothing like having your baby back home I'm sure. I forced myself to use a machine other than my main baby, and oh how difficult. I'm getting more use to it now though.

  4. Are the designs on your main blog page yours or patterns you have made,if so they are gorgeous. I like to sew also but am mainly doing curtains and cushion covers at the moment. Do you make clothes for people if they see something you've made and they like it?

  5. Such great creations Sharon!



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