Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretty in pink - Vogue 1261

Did I ever show you this top?  It's the top from the photo shoot that happened a few weeks ago. The one the dogs kept interrupting to play Frisbee. 

I sewed it the end of October thinking I could pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and boots.  More about that later. Let's talk about the top first.

It's Vogue 1261, an Alice + Olivia knit tunic top.  Can I just stop for a moment and tell you that the pattern is rated easy - and it is - provided you do not follow the recommended construction.

Huh?  I know. That doesn't make much sense does it?  What I didn't realize until I purchased the pattern is that the seams are supposed to be folded under, butted together and then sewn together. Ignore that. Unless you want that design feature. I admit it could be a fun detail, but I was going to quick and easy so I ignored it.

I noticed when I pulled the pattern pieces out of the envelope was how tiny the width of the sleeve appeared to be.  I could tell just by eyeballing these that they'd need width added. Now I have little arms by any means due to a combination of my body type and working out. But I rarely have to alter my sleeve pattern pieces. 

I had expected a loose fitting tunic, but when I saw the finished measurements printed on the pattern piece I realized I'd need to do an FBA to achieve the slightly over-sized look I was going for.  

It's also a bit shorter than I had hoped,  but I didn't have enough fabric. And I had my heart set on sewing this tunic from a lovely pink wool knit I purchased recently from SR Harris. I'm hoping I can find more when I go for the PR Day celebration as it was lovely to work with.

The construction went rather quickly. I'm loving the wide deep cowl and the slight asymmetrical hemline.  Oh, and get this.  The hem is left unfinished with a double row of topstitching about half an inch from the edge. 

Anyway, back to the wanting to wear this with skinny jeans and boots. I do think it would look great worn that way, but on the right person. Not gonna happen for me. Remember those not-so-skinny upper arms I mentioned earlier? I have the legs to match.  They're also on the muscular side and skinny jeans are not my friend.

I'll post photos of the method I used for the FBA in the next day or so.

All in all I'm pleased with the pattern and will sew myself at least one more.  It'll be a great top to toss on after work.

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  1. Fantastic top! And I just adore your pup with his frisbee in the first shot! :)

  2. Looks lovely on you!

  3. Great top-I love the color and the hem. ummm, about those skinny jeans. You can rock them-really. I have been wearing skinny knit pants and that's as close as I'll go to this trend.

  4. Lovely top and I adore the pink!

  5. It looks like a super comfy shirt. About the skinny jeans. I was a tried and true boot cut wearer. But then someone pointed out that the part of my leg I was most self-conscious about (the thigh) wasn't any skinnier, it only pulls in the calf area. Which I show all the time in skirts, so what's the difference? So I embraces it. And I quite like the trend. Too bad I'm so late to the party it's basically over.

  6. This is the second time I've seen this top…now I "need" it. Just lovely in pink!

  7. I just made this pattern, Sharon. I did a version of the exposed seams and had to make lots of mods, too. Not one of my favorites...but its cute on you!

  8. I just made this top, Sharon and while yours is very cute on you, mine is not one of my favorites. I did a version of the exposed seams and also had to do lots of mods. love the color you chose.



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