Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rusted but not forgotten

See this little rusted beauty?

My father discovered it abandoned on the side of the road.  Tossed aside as a useless piece of rusted junk.

He didn't see a piece of junk.

He saw an old sewing machine, perfect for one of his daughter's "that sews". (Moi!) So he carted the discarded piece of junk home and lovingly cleaned her and oiled her.

Imagine the stories this machine could tell!

Who was her first owner? Was it a young bride? Was she a mother? Did she enjoy sewing or was it something she did because it was expected of her? Did she pass on the tradition to her daughter? Or her granddaughter? What were her treasured memories with this machine?

Sigh...I'd love to know.

It's not a working machine. Just the top part of the machine.  There is a metal plate with what appears to be a serial number giving a clue as to the year this Singer may have been made:  K261576.

I'm not sure where it will be displayed but it will go definitely find a place in my home. After all, every time I look at it I'll be reminded that my father spent time making a piece of trash look beautiful just to see me smile.

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  1. Sharon, that is amazing your dad found that. You can go to and in the bottom left corner is a place to put in the serial number, your name, etc. You will find out some more on your machine and receive a commerative certificate.

  2. What a treasure, good eye, dad!

  3. What a lovely find and how nice of your father to polish it back to its former glory for you!

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    What a wonderful find and an even more beautiful story, my dad would have done something like that.It made me miss him a bit more but it also made me think of other things he had done for me. Pretty good for a rainy Monday. Thanks for sharing-your dad as well as your new singer! I have the One Yard Wonders book, it has quickly become the go-to book for quick gifts.I highly recommend it-you definately will not be sorry!

  5. What a treasure--the machine, and your dad!

  6. Thanks for the link Lori - I checked it out and this is from 1902. How cool is that?

    And you're right, I do have a treasure here. The machine AND my dad.

  7. I do love special Daddy's like yours! I had one and I miss him so.

  8. If the guts are clean, and you can find treadle irons, it can be made usable again! is a great resource. I have a 1917 treadle, and it makes better stitches than my new Viking.



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