Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabric Friday

Guess where I've been?

Hee, hee....

My favorite local fabric store - SR Harris Fabric Outlet.

I need to learn to bring my own garbage bag with me.  The plastic bags they use aren't strong enough for the amount of fabric that came home with me.

Let me pull some of these out so you can get a closer look.

Silk jersey with a huge floral design

A semi-sheer black/white/yellow silk

A brightly colored patterned silk

A flowy patterned silk

Brown/white/pink large floral print knit

Black with scattered circles knit

Black/white floral print knit

Black/white/silver stripe knit

Black/gold (sparkles!) striped knit

There was more but they're just solid colored wools. Yea, I didn't think you'd care to see those.

So have I enticed you enough to consider joining me on Nov. 19 for the local PR Day celebration? I did  mention it will include fabric shopping at SR Harris, right?

Oh, before I forget. I got the idea for "Fabric Friday" from Mena (Sew Weekly) during a session held at The Creative Connection.


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  1. See that's just wrong! *LOL* Do you really think by flaunting amazing fabric finds you will make people want to journey to Minneapolis? If so, your evil plan is working! *LOL* So it doesn't snow in Minneapolis before Thanksgiving does it!?

  2. Mwaahaahaa! You caught on to my plan. And I take it you never heard of our infamous Halloween blizzard? Google it. So yes, it does snow before Thanksgiving :-(

  3. oh, I really like that black and white floral pattern.

  4. I like that black and white floral also...but I'm going to be kind and sew my daughter a dress with this one.

  5. I wish I could come! There is just no way I can save up enough money for me to be able to drive up, get a hotel and of course shop till I drop! I absolutely love the fabrics you go though!

  6. All I can say is "WOW!"

  7. I clicked on that link hoping they sold fabric online--I am so happy they don't or I would have been in TROUBLE!!! Those are some great fabrics.

  8. they look really yummy - thanks for sharing. I am especially jealous of the silk jersey - it just sounds wonderful.

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  10. Wow Sharon, what an amazing bumch of fabric! When I get a big haul like that, I throw it on the floor in roll around in it! Try it, you'll like it!

  11. OK, when were you there??? I was at SR Harris twice this week, and one time I could have sworn I saw you, but didn't have the courage to walk up and ask... and I looked at some of those exact same fabrics. Ah, SR Harris really is awesome!!

  12. Check out that stash!! I'm hella jealous. Looks like you had an awesome shopping day.. Can't wait to see what you make with it all!

  13. I want to go shopping, just 1 1/2 hrs drive. I love the fabrics.



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