Monday, September 26, 2011

Burda 7292 underway

Finally! My machines a buzz with a little fall sewing - for moi.

A simple (ha!) bias cut maxi skirt using Burda 7292.   (That I picked up when JoAnn's had Burda patterns on sale for only $2.49 ~ yea!)

The fabric is a lightweight wool plaid.  Gray and plum ~yummy!

 I've plum colored wool crepe for the jacket if - and I do mean if - I like the skirt.

You see, I kinda forgot that figure hugging bias cut skirts don't always work well on my curvy shape. 

We'll see.  I just might be pleasantly surprised!

Hope so 'cuz I got the perfect boots to wear with this skirt. 

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  1. love that fabric. make sure you share a picture of the whole outfit!

  2. Looks to have great potential. Is it longer in the back? I like that.

  3. What a gorgeous wool you have there. I hope the skirt style works out for you, because I think this print/texture would look great with boots and be such a stylish autumn/winter look.

  4. This skirt would certainly look great with the fabric.

  5. What a lovely fabric! I don't think it will be too 'clingy' and you'll have a very smart skit.

  6. Hmm I think bias cut would flatter curves? Lovely fabric and I love the design idea.

  7. I am so glad you posted this! I could have sworn I had seen Burda patterns on sale at Joann's (for the first time ever!) and then I never found the flyer with the info again and thought I had read it wrong. I am so glad I'm not going crazy but so sorry I missed the sale!
    Love the skirt, even if the pattern is a little off ;-)

  8. Hi, this was looking really promising - did you manage to finish it?



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