Monday, August 22, 2011

Circle (skirt) Cutting Challenges

Decided I wanted an end of summer maxi skirt.

Not just a maxi skirt, but a circle maxi skirt.

As I was getting ready to do all those math calculations (see, aren't you glad you paid attention in match class when you really wanted to be creating and oil painting in art class?  Oh, wait, maybe that was just me) I said to myself "Why bother with all those calculations when Simplicity 2233 has done all the work for me?"

Even though the Suede patterns kinda bug me.  Oh, not the designs. I do find them cute.  Just the third person "Suede says" stuff...

But back to the circle skirt.

Do you know how challenging cutting out a maxi circle skirt can be?

First of all you need lots and lots of Fabric.  For this pattern, almost 6 yards of 45" wide fabric or 5 yards of 60" wide fabric.

I had just over four yards. But shoot. I had my heart set on using this fabric for this skirt so I would just have to make it work.

In the end I simply shortened the skirt figuring I can always had a contrast fabric band to the bottom to get the right length.

Secondly, you need a lot of space to lay that fabric flat.  I ended up using the sewing room floor as the surface of my cutting table isn't large enough.

Lastly, if you have curious creatures in the house good luck actually pinning and cutting those pattern pieces.

Eventually they both lost interest and the skirt was successfully cut out.

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  1. Those pictures made me laugh out loud. I know all too well the magnetism between a piece of fabric on the floor and pets. Good luck finishing the skirt. I'm not a fan of the "Suede" packaging, either.

  2. pugs are FOREVER sitting on the fabric that drapes over the cutting table and then pulling it off the table! LOL silly puppies!

  3. This post puts a smile on my face ... I agree with you ... Why work more if others did it before ... sewing has to be a relaxing and fun hobby ...

  4. Ha, I'm with you on the third person "Suede Says" stuff. It got on my nerves during the show too! Oh well, at least the patterns are cute.:)



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