Sunday, July 24, 2011

Polka dots, pockets and pink elephants

As I was searching for cotton fabrics for a project I'm working on I stumbled across this fabric.

Perfect!  Quirky with a retro vibe I knew it would be perfect for an apron I was donating as a silent auction item at a Charity Wine Tasting Event.

I even knew exactly what design I'd use.  A vintage apron pattern, Advance 6607.  It has no copyright date, but according to this site I estimate the design to be from 1953 or 1954.

 Because this vintage pattern is a small, an 8-10 but no waist measurements provided, I choose to create my own waistband, adding a slight curve to mimic the apron's curved hem. I also increased the apron ties to measure 32" each. My goal was to make it easier to fit a number of different folks in various sizes.

Can I just say that I seriously wanted to keep this one for myself?

 I mean, I love everything I sew. (Well, almost everything...but that's another story for another day.)

And if you listened to my interview on the Sew Forth Now podcast you know that whatever I'm currently sewing has that special place of being favored.

But look at those pink elephants!  They obviously have indulged in one too many cocktails.

And those pockets!  Large enough to hold both the vermouth and the gin.   Or your martini ...

The back is as adorable as the front with its big pink and gray polka dot bow.

I found some one serving pre-mixed modern martini mixes to add to the apron for the auction.

And I am happy to report that the final bidder was beyond thrilled with her new apron.  As soon as she knew she had won it she put it on.

That, combined with the money it brought it for the fundraiser, made me glad I didn't keep it for myself.

Besides, I can always sew another one can't I?
Edited 7/27/11:  Hey! I forgot to mention where I found the fabric and a few of you have asked.  They are both Michael Miller prints that I purchased at Treadle Yard Goods.  I've found them online also - at Hancock Fabrics and for starters - just Google "Michael Miller pink elephants".    

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  1. Just love that apron!

  2. Great apron, and that fabric is ADORABLE! You should tremendous restraint in not keeping it!

    When I was a kid, I used to go to Thee's Bakery in LA (3rd and Fairfax at the Farmers Market) and watch the baker decorate cakes with pink elephants (out of frosting). I think they still make those cakes, and the bakery has a huge picture window so that people can watch the cakes being decorated. Happy memories! (P.S. I've only seen pink elephants on those cakes and on your aprons--and I plan to keep it that way!!)

  3. That apron is too adorable! The fabrics suited the pattern perfectly. :]

  4. That is very cute!

  5. ADORDABLE!!! I would make a dress to match!~

  6. Of course the winner loved it! Those elephants are too much... Nice job!

  7. That is seriously a cute apron! Love it. I want it. Those elphants look like I feel sometimes.

  8. I don't blame you for wanting to keep this one. That is part of donating to a charity, isn't it. Here's the question: Where did you get that fabric?! I want some.

  9. This is way too adorably perfect!

  10. I think that apron pattern creates a beautiful apron. The style is a fun blast from the past!

  11. Love that apron - and I'm not an apron person!

  12. that is a really cute apron!

  13. The perfect gift.

  14. I love it! So cute! Also it did a good job to get that money, you should be proud.

  15. oh goodness that is super cute! And I love those polkadots. I always think that dots are just so friendly.

  16. It would be SO hard to give up that apron! It's wonderful!



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