Monday, July 11, 2011

McCall's 6356 - we have a winner

Here it is - the completed striped knit top from McCall's 6356.  It's going to be a great casual top to toss on with jeans.

I can also pair it with a long skirt for a more "artsy" look.  A bit out of my comfort zone but doable.  By the way, the skirt is a black linen Sewing Workshop Lotus skirt I sewed about ten years ago. 

The top can also be paired with simple black pants on those summer days at the office when I'm looking for something quick, simple and casual.

I talked a lot about the construction process yesterday, in this post.

However there are a few more things I'd like to mention.

First of all, the diagonal upper front drape is created with two upper front pieces; the upper one is gathered and the inside one is the stay.  Both pieces are basted together and then sewn to the lower front in that diagonal seam creating that great draping.

Gwen made a comment on the previous post about needing a lightweight fabric because of all of the ruching and draping. And she's absolutely correct.  This striped knit is a lightweight cotton / polyester jersey purchased from NeedleNook Fabrics.  It was fabulous to sew and lightweight enough to work perfectly. 

The pattern is available in XS (4-6),  S (8-10), M (12-14), L (16-18), XL (20-22) and XXL (24-26).  Based on the pattern description of "close fitting" I choose to sew a straight M.

Remember I mentioned yesterday that a tight fit is needed in the hip area to keep the side ruching in place?  Mine ended up a bit loose - it still works I just need to fuss with it a bit.  And even without an FBA I discovered enough ease in the bust area.

So I would suggest you baste your side seams and check the fit before sewing those casings, especially if you fall into the smaller side of the size range as I do.

I'm liking the top and will be sewing another before the summer season ends.

Check out Bonnie's red top (view D) and Heather's view A striped version (the inspiration for this one).

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  1. You are certainly getting value from your new pattern.

  2. it looks really good with the black pants !!!

  3. Fantastic top, I like each way you styled it. Thanks for all the construction tips.

  4. That really is a winner, love it in the stripes, it really shows off the interesting draping.

  5. Sharon , this top is amazingly cute!

  6. You have inspired me to re-visit my red pear top. Although it's the same pattern, the shirt pieces are different but I'm going to figure out how to save it!

    If I can get it to look even close to as fantastic as yours, it will be a winner!

  7. Sharon, that is a great top. Very flattering, and I think you convinced me that I MUST have it!

  8. That top looks equally well with pants or skirt. Either is a terrific outfit.

  9. thi sturned out awesome. really like the look.

  10. What a cool t-shirt. I love it styled every way you have shown.



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