Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gettng by with a little help from my friend

Been busy, busy, busy in the sewing studio.

I even have a little friend to help me.

I trace off pattern pieces and she grabs the tissue paper when it slides off the table onto the floor. 

Not much help really as she doesn't actually return the paper to me - she takes off running. 

But she IS easily distracted by the word "treat" :-)

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  1. Cute, but mischievous pup! My Pearl does the same thing. She is obsessed with tissue paper! Also, if I lay out fabric on the floor, she plops herself down right in the middle of it so I can't lay out my pattern pieces or cut! Silly dogs!

  2. thats the best kind of help even if they are a little in the way

  3. She is an adorable helper! Yes, the magic word is "treat". They are certainly great company.

  4. Adorable! Neither of mine care about anything I do in the sewing room....but Sam the basenji does like to supervise me from one of his conveniently placed beds. Our pets are such wonderful companions:-)

  5. hahaha, how much fun is that?

  6. Ha! I have a similar helper. But she's one and human.



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