Sunday, July 17, 2011

McCall's 6070 Maxi Dress - better late than never

So what does one wear to an outdoor graduation open house when the humidity levels are predicted to insanely high and the heat index predicted to be over 110 - and still look semi-fashionable?

A knit maxi dress of course!

After seeing the dress Bonnie sewed earlier this month I stopped by the local fabric store intent on purchasing that  Simplicity pattern. However McCall's patterns were on sale so I ended up with McCall's 6070.   I mean a maxi dress is a maxi dress, right?
McCall's 6070, Image from
The pattern is marked "Easy", which it is. There's very few pieces - a front, a back, a neck tie and skirt.  

The back, with it's V cross over and neck tie, is just as interesting as the front.

The fabric is a knit from SR Harris Fabric Warehouse.  I'm not sure of the blend - maybe a cotton/lycra - but I'm  not sure.

Sewing took about three hours - only because it takes some time to do the gathers under the bust and the skirt.  Of course that time didn't include the pattern prep - meaning altering the bodice with an FBA.   For this dress bodice I used the pivot and slide method. Be sure to come back as I'll show you how I did it in a future post.

If you're thinking you'd like this pattern better grab it while you can. It appears it may be out of print (OOP) as it's currently in the clearance section on the McCall's site. 

Because I like to sew stuff after the trend is heading o-u-t. 

That's just how I roll.  

Oh, and the humidity and heat was indeed stifling, but the open house was wonderful anyway.


7/19/2001 - edited to add link to blog post on how I did the FBA alteration for this dress. 

7/19/2001 - edited to add that I added 1-1/2" to the length of this dress and it's still short enough to wear without heels. I'm not exactly on the tall side (about average height) so check the length when you sew this one.
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  1. What a great dress! Love the color and the style. You made me chuckle with "Because I like to sew stuff after the trend is heading o-u-t. That's just how I roll." Still, I'll bet the maxi craze will stick around for a while longer!

  2. Wonderful dress on you. You are rolling before me, I haven't made one yet and I don't have a pattern! Great job.

  3. GORGEOUS fabric! You look great in this maxi!!!

  4. It's really cute! I always want to make a maxi dress, but then you need so much fabric that it's just really expensive.

  5. Lovely dress! and wow, it's really hot there!!!

  6. Very nice. I've just picked up Simplicity 3503 myself with a summer maxi in mind.

  7. Great dress - you look fab!

  8. You look spectacular in your maxi. I love a long dress in summer. They are cooler and more comfortable than pants. Nice sewing, as always.

  9. You look wonderful in this gorgeous dress!

  10. Hi Sharon,
    Great dress. Love the color and it will be cool in this weather. Thank you for the kind comments on my skirts post. Have fun at SRHarris. I am banned from there as I have a stash that needs attending to. One day we shall meet up.

  11. I'm always on the leaving end of trends too. I was looking at some maxi dresses in store this week but they were all made for super tall girls and I'm not much for doing things like hemming (funny, I'd rather sew the whole thing). This dress looks great! I like that there is some interest to the back. Hmmm. I'm getting closer to actually wanting to sew something for my closet...

  12. What a fun, summery dress. Perfect for the H.O.T. weather we are currently experiencing her in Minnesota!

  13. You did a fantastic job! Thanks for the post and I look forward to more.

    I just found your blog through Amanda's Adventures. I also sew and am committed to sewing religiously for the next 365 days...I hope even more.

    Thanks again for inspiring me.

    ~Sewing Projects Living Dailies: Joanna

  14. I hear ya. Great dress. I love the Vneckline at the back too.

  15. That is a great dress! I'm with you on being behind the pack - I just got V1250. g

  16. You look great in your maxi dress and I think you hit the trend right in the middle...especially since so many stores had so many versions of this dress this will definitely be around next season!

  17. LOVE IT!!! You look terrific. That is a really cute pattern and I love the fabric. From one slow-trendsetter to another, maxis are still in. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

  18. The best part is you can make it knee length at your whim when it really does go out. I love your dress!

  19. I love maxi dresses. of course, I am a child of the 70's lol.

  20. Just wonderful...great style, fabric, and you wear it so well!

  21. What an awesome maxi dress. You look great in this print and color. I don't know how you survived that kind of heat!



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