Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wrapup - this week I'm thankful for

Another week has flown by.

It was a busy week, marked with odd weather swings.  We almost broke a record early in the week (over 100 deg. F) only to drop low enough two days later to seriously consider turning the heat on in the car. 

This week five things I'm thankful for include:

  • A new fitness class being offered at no cost by my employer. It's a Zumba class held after work one night a week.  If you haven't tried Zumba yet you really are missing out on a lot of fun.
  • The ability to purchase groceries when the mood hits me to try a new recipe and I'm missing an ingredient.
  • The opportunity to talk to a fantastic non-profit group about the possibility of doing some work for them.
    • A sewing blogger who graciously answered some non-sewing questions I had on a topic I suspected they had a lot of knowledge about.  Thanks Linda!  And yes, she did know her stuff. 
    • A great Twins game enjoyed with my hubby, daughter and her boyfriend. 
    I even managed to squeeze in short periods of sewing.   So, what are you thankful for this week?

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      1. a no cost class is always good go you!!!

        i am thankful I made it through another week of training and improving on my endurance.

        I am thankful for finishing my very first quilt

        I am thankful for reaching the 1/5 mark in my goal of fundraising for leukemia

        I am thankful for my aunt getting some needed treatment at the hospital and that we found her in time. She had had a seisure

      2. I am jealous of your Zumba class!!

        I am thankful that my friend delivered a healthy baby girl on Thursday.

        I am thankful for 5 days in a row off of work!

        I am thankful that my creativity allowed me to make a last minute no cost project.

        I am most thankful for the guardian angels that were watching over my husband and I on Friday night!

        I am thankful for my customers in my Etsy shop Mae's Garden.

      3. Zumba is on my list of things to try. But I seriously don't have time. I tell myself that chasing to kids 3 and under is basically the same thing.

        I'm thankful for my kids. Who are healthy and happy. And I'm thankful for a new job opportunity that allows me to stay home with them more and use my degree.



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