Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Sneak Peek at the next One Yard Wonders book and a chance to be in Crochet One-Skein Wonders

 Looky, looky!  A sneak peek of the next One Yard Wonders book.
Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders">

Now don't go getting TOO excited because the book won't be released until November 2011. 

But that means it's being released just in time for the holidays.

My apron isn't one of the projects shown, but that's okay. It'll be more fun if it's a surprise, right?

Oh, one more thing.

While it's too late to be a part of the One Yard Wonders book, Storey Publishing does have a call out for crocheted designs.

Storey Publishing is accepting submissions for their 101 Crochet One-Yard Skein Wonders book. You have until July 15. Details on their website.
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  1. Did I understand you right that one of your patterns is being published? That's so cool! Congrats!

  2. I just re-found your blog after time away, yay! I have a project in this book, too :-)

    Can't wait to see yours!

  3. very cool. looks to be an intersting book



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