Monday, June 27, 2011

A romp thru times past

What does one do when they have a few dozen 60s and 70s dresses stashed away in a box marked "costumes"?

They invite their incredibly talented and beautiful niece over to do a vintage fashion shoot, that's what.

Before she arrived, with four of her models (girlfriends), I carefully laid out all of the clothing arranged by era - 1960s, 1970s and 1980s dresses along with one pile just for separates such as pants, sweaters and coats.

Barely 15 minutes into the shoot and this is what the room looked like.  My inner neat freak cried out in shock, but I calmly took a deep breathe, turned around and walked away.

They each changed into their assigned garments and spent time with the photographer. Did I mention the photographer was my talented and beautiful niece, Caitlin?  

She gave me permission to share a few of her photos from the day.

Here N is wearing a silk dress circa 1980s with a 1960s pillbox hat adorned with silk flowers.

Here K is wearing a late 1960s floral chiffon gown with a velvet ribbon belt and a 1950s red velvet had complete with feather.

Here is T is wearing a 1970s peach polyester gown from Montgomery Wards.

It was fun to see how they choose to pair style the outfits. 

1980s dresses with 1960s hats. 

1960s beaded tops with 1970s polyester pants.

1980s sundresses with modern jewelry.

I followed along and took a few behind the scene photos myself.   Here are two of my beautiful nieces, one modeling and one taking photos.

A closeup of M with her auburn hair cascading below the 1960s era veiled hat.

There were funny moments too.

Like when N donned this 1970s patchwork print polyester dress and declared "I feel like this is Amish". 

"Actually it looks Holly Hobbie-ish" I commented. 

"What's that?" N said.

To which I had nothing to say.

Or when N was ready for her next photo and I said "N,with your hair up like that you remind me of Jerry Hall!"

Only to have her reply "Who's that?"  

What could I say, except "what year were you born?"

Caitlin even took a few photos for me of some designs I've been working on. 

Here's a photo of the prototype for my apron that will be in the next One Yard Wonders book, Fabric-by-Fabric (due out in December 2011).  Notice the shoes? Oh yea, those were mine from about 1984. 

Even though the weather didn't cooperate the girls had fun and declared the vintage fashion shoot a success.

Stay tuned for vintage fashion shoot part two scheduled for later in July.

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  1. how fun ! & wow to the photos ! peach polyester?? that screams 70s !

  2. Wow they look fantastic and the photography is great! What was the purpose of the photoshoot? I look forward to seeing the second set. :)

  3. I have to say, I love the hats the most :)

  4. How fun, great outfits and I like their comments to your references. Priceless.

  5. My daughters will not forgive me for giving away my clothes from the 70s and 80s. Especially my platform shoes, hippy skirts, 80s power pants suits in jewel colours. blue felt fedora hat and the black lace evening dress. Perhaps I was mad?!

  6. looks like so much fun

  7. Melissa - there was no purpose to the shoot except that Caitlin loves doing these. She's planning on heading to college in the fall to study photography.

    Gail, I only have a few items I saved myself - most of these I picked up in thrift stores over the past ten years.

    Debbi - I love the hats also! They're harder to find but I lucked out at an estate sale last year.

  8. How fun! The non-packrat in me would never have fun stuff saved for my girls in the future, but I guess that's what thrift stores are for...



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