Friday, June 17, 2011

A PR weekend in Minneapolis would be lovely

Did you notice there's a poll over at Pattern Review to vote for the location of next year's PR weekend? 

And did you know that Minneapolis is one of the options?  It is! Go see for yourself. (Click on the vote for the 2012 PR weekend text.)

Right now Minneapolis is in third place. Not bad, huh?  Except there are only three choices...

Maybe you just don't know how much fun the Twin Cities area can be.  It's easy to get to with a major airport only minutes from downtown Minneapolis.  Our traffic congestion isn't nearly as bad as some other major metro areas (or so I've been told).

Oh, but I hear you saying "But what could we possibly do in there?"

Well for starters there's the Mall of America.  Almost everyone who visits the Twin Cities makes a stop at the infamous mall. I mean where else can you ride a roller coaster, visit LegoLand, savor a delicious dinner at any number of restaurants, enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars and, of course,shop.

"But it's a sewing weekend" I hear you protest.

Ah, but don't you want a chance to visit my beloved SR Harris Fabric Warehouse?  Oh yea, I knew that would get your attention.

Then there's the lovely Treadle Yard Goods.   And who could forget Crafty Planet?  Yep, all in my neck of the woods.

I bet the powers that be behind Pattern Review could even arrange for us to visit the folks at Kwik Sew patterns.  What's that?  You didn't know they were based in Minneapolis? Well, now you do!

And for you vintage loving sewers a related gem that might be happening the Thursday before the weekend begins is the annual Retro Rama at the Minnesota History Center.

So what are you waiting for?

Get over to PR and cast your vote for Minneapolis!

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  1. I voted.
    Also, an hour away in Rochester MN, is "Ginnys Fine Fabric."
    It is EXCELLENT.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. hmmmm, mall of america? I'm in for that. lol

  3. My parents just got back from a trip up north. I want to shop at the MOA! Not sure if can actually make the PR trip though.

  4. I voted! No way I can come, but anything to help out :)

  5. Hehe, great plug! I'll go vote for you. But I gotta say, Mall of America is just a knock-off of West Edmonton Mall here in Canada (in the city I grew up in). It's owned by the same people or something. I think our mall is still bigger, so you and all your sewing friends may need to come see it. But you'll have to bring good sewing stuff because we do NOT have deals like all you americans.

  6. Sewjune1:01 PM

    It's going to be 102 degrees here in Texas today. Just thinking about a trip to Minneapolis makes me feel cooler!



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