Wednesday, June 29, 2011

McCall's 6294 linen jacket in action

Well, kind of in action.

I snapped a few photos the other day just before heading out the door.

Shoot, timer went off before I had the jacket adjusted.

Oops, trying to fluff the hair and got distracted by the dogs playing in the other room.

Ah, here we go. A semi decent shot if you ignore the goofy look - who knows what I was thinking.

And a close up of the jacket.

You know, I wasn't too sure about the fit of the jacket when it was done. Remember? I talked about it on this post when I finished the jacket. 

But I'm happy to report that it passed the wear-it-all-day-long test.

Only two things I'll note:

1) With any movement the large collars want to flop over to the center of the jacket.  This could be due to the linen fabric and interfacing used, not necessarily the design.

2) I'm still not crazy about how far to the side the princess seams are located as the bust fullness is not quite where it needs to be. 

I'm thinking there's another one of these in my future.  Oh! That means I have another jacket planned for the One Jacket a Month project.

Oh, yea, I almost forgot to tell you.

In my haste to snap a few photos in the very short window of opportunity I had available, I managed to drop my little digital camera (a Canon PowerShot that I loved) on the hardwood floor.  Right on the lens, which happened to still be extended.

I'm sorry to say it's a goner. 

Which means I now have to actually learn how to use the digital SLR we purchased a few months ago. Sigh...

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  1. Your jacket looks fantastic. One of my point and shoots met the same fate. You will adore the SLR, have fun using it. Check out for SLR tips.

  2. Beautiful jacket and like your fun photos! I have not yet used my new SLR or the photo shop software hubby got for me!

  3. Sharon..what a nice jacket! Looks great on you!

  4. The jacket looks great! I wonder if there's a way to tack the collar so it stays where you want it. I've done that with sweaters with success.

    Too bad about the camera, I understand the SLR *sometimes* are not easy to learn, but once understood they are wonderful.

  5. That is one very lovely jacket!

  6. the jacket looks great on you! And I love your out-take photos. :)

  7. that's a great looking jacket. and once you start using your new'll love it.

  8. It looks very stylish. You'd never guess the dramas it caused in the making.

  9. That jacket is absolutely wonderful, so feminine and sweet! You look very elegant with it!

  10. I really like this jacket on you. And your choice of fabric with just a little bit of shimmer looks nice.



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