Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And it's done - the McCall's 6294 jacket

No modeling photos tonight - it's Zumba night which means I'm sitting at the computer in my workout clothes looking like I was caught in a torrential rain fall. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but believe me, when I work out I look like I worked out.   And I'm not documenting it here :-)

So, let's get to it.  You want to know all about the jacket, right?

The pattern is McCall's 6294.

You might think due to the length of time it took me to complete the jacket that it's a complicated design. But you'd be wrong.  I just haven't had much spare time to devote to sewing so this jacket was completed in chunks of 15 and 30 minutes time.

There's some great details to the jacket.

I already mentioned the lapels and shared a photo here.

The back has a center back seam, princess side seams along with an angled yoke.

The sleeves have elbow darts.

And the entire jacket is lined.

Remember I was concerned about the fit of the jacket?  Mainly the bagginess in the upper chest area. Now I did add shoulder pads as I mentioned the other day, and that did take care of some of the issues.

But there's still some bagginess.  It goes away if the jacket is held together at the center front. Not much help considering it's designed to be worn open.  I'm wondering if the princess seam is set to close to the side of the jacket and that's what's bothering me.   One of these evenings I'll get a photo posted of the jacket being worn.

Take a close look at the pattern envelope photo and you'll see the same issue.

This is just one of those times when I say "it's good enough" and move on.

After all, I still have six more jackets to complete to get myself back on track for the one-jacket-a-month project.

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  1. Very nice jacket, Sharon, I like all the details.

  2. What a cool jacket. I hope after you've had a shower and a night's rest, you'll model it. :-)

  3. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Your just doing too much Zumba. A few bumps of fat will fix it!

  4. Amazing jacket! Wow! you put so much time in and tailoring I can tell! Congratulations on a rousing success!

  5. I think it looks wonderful. The bagginess you mentioned looks like it may be a collapsing problem. A couture course I did suggested avoiding it by interfacing the whole of the jacket front.

  6. I love that back yoke! great job =-)

  7. Love the design details on this jacket.

  8. Hi Sharon, I like your version of the jacket so much I had to go order the pattern. I love the details!

  9. It looks great, I do want to make this jacket. I have found that on my body, short jackets that have a large (heavier) collars do tend to swing open unless they are buttoned

  10. Sharon, it looks great!

  11. This is a great jacket! Love the detail in the back...and I so understand that sometimes good enough is good enough!

  12. Fabulous! The subtle shine of the fabric and the interest in the back adds to the greatness of this jacket. Good job!



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