Sunday, May 29, 2011

Still sewing - McCall's 6282 knit top review

I'm still here and still sewing.   Not too much but a few things here or there.

Need proof?

Okay, here's a knit top sewn from McCall's 6282, a Palmer / Pletsch design.
McCall's 6282 lined knit top
I was surprised to discover that this top (or dress) is completely lined.  After sewing this I can tell you the lining isn't required.  The lining actually hangs free and is tacked to the top at the lower edge of the side seams.

As far as sewing goes? I've yet to have a problem with a Palmer / Pletsch pattern from McCall's. The fit is spot-on and the instructions accurate and detailed.

The instructions on this one jumped around a bit making it look more difficult to sew than it actually was.  

I don't know why McCall's includes zipper instructions for knit dresses and tops, but there's no need for one in this design. Unless you choose a more stable knit, then I doubt you'd get the drape and side gather look you'd like.

Those side gathers? Not sure if I'm a fan of them or not. These are created by gathering the front and back pieces between marked darts on the side and back seams.  A piece of stay tape is cut to a specific length (a pattern piece is included - I wrote the measurement on the instruction sheet as those little pattern pieces have a tendency to get lost).  The stay tape is secured when the seams are sewn keeping the gathers where they belong.

The fabric is a blue-gray knit from SR Harris and the lining is almost the last of a white tricot from a thrift store. Boy, that was nice find. Over five yards of tricot at a very low cost. 

So there you have it. 

Proof that I am still sewing.

Although I've had other things on my mind.  At the moment,  I'm not too sure how secure my job is which leaves me a bit distracted - as you can well imagine.   That means I've been focused on making sure the resume is updated and looking for new opportunities.  

I'm trying to  distract myself with sewing and will have an fun, bright skirt to share with you soon.

Oh, here's the full review of this top over at PatternReview.

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  1. Like the top - that pattern is in my queue also.... Good luck with the job situation!!!

  2. Lovely color top.
    I too struggle with the side gather/ruching on many tops.
    Looks great!

  3. Nice looking top. Good luck with your job situation.

  4. Anonymous8:02 PM

    lovely job.. good for you for "still sewing" I haven't been able to but you give me hope. Thank you for keeping up your blog.. it is all i have sometimes

  5. Cute top. I just bought one like it but without the side gathering. (well it was very cheap in an outlet Hope all is well on the job front. Good luck :)

  6. Great top and good lucky with you.

  7. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Nice work, I love sewing with knits!



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