Sunday, May 22, 2011

RetroRama 6 - fun, fashion and photos

Okay, so it's been more than a week since I attended RetroRama.  I meant to post some photos right away, but my-oh-my was it a busy week.

One reason I've been so sporadic in my postings is that I was enrolled in a year long program that kept me away from home one night a week ( and putting in some study time in between).  I'm happy to report that I graduated yesterday  and am really looking forward to having some free time again.

So I had to delay the RetroRama recap just a bit.

I wasn't 100 percent certain I'd attend again after last year's event. In my opinion, last year's was a bit meh.  Looking back, I suspect it had more to do with where I was at versus the event itself. After all, my son was still battling his brain tumor and I really wasn't too excited to do much of anything.

However this year did not fail to delight.  It was well planned and executed with a lot of attendees and activities to participate in.

You all know the main event is the fashion show. Because the theme was undergarments the runway designer were quite, um, interesting. Yea, that's the word I'll use.  I was most excited to see the outfit Project Runway designer Christopher Straub was showing (and no, he was not there - unless he was very well hidden).  Of all of the designs I really didn't care for his at all. It was just weird. You'll see it in the slideshow - its the cage like thing.

The audience participation portion of the runway show was the best part as well as the longest. I was super happy that my girlfriend's vintage stewardess look drew a lot of attention. She looked fabulous. And the best part was the number of people that asked her what airline she had worked for.  You know you hit the look right when it evokes memories like that...

Vintage look stewardess dress using Simplicity 3833

We shared laughs, enjoyed a cocktail, watched a fabulous dessert demo, decorated a pair of men's cotton boxers, walked the runway, browsed the vintage fashion shop, admired everyone's attire and had our souvenir photo taken.  As usual, there wasn't enough time in the evening to take it all in.

Here's a slideshow of the photos I took at the event (minus my portrait - the photographer sent that one to me).


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  1. Congratulations on the graduation, enjoy your free time and the show sounds like fun.

  2. I always enjoy your Retro posts :)
    That picture of you is fabulous - love the twinkle in your eye and you look amazing!

    Congratulations on your graduation, as wel :)

  3. I enjoyed your slide-show. What a fun event! The air-hostess dress is perfect, and your friend looked so cute in it. You are gorgeous in that hat! Continued blessings to your son, and hope he is doing well and back to some normalcy. You and your entire family, also.

  4. That looks like SUCH fun! i want to go to a Retro-Rama!

  5. Thank-you for that slide show. Looks like so much fun!
    You look fabulous.

  6. what fun!! and that cage about birth control, yuck. lol

  7. Sounds like such a fun event. You and your friend looked very much the part. And congratulations on completion of the course!



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