Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting ready for RetroRama 2011

This year's RetroRama is just around the corner. 

While there seems to be a big push by the MN History Center to heavily market this event to the younger  vintage lovers - you know who you are, you consider 80s vintage - my friend and I are pushing back and showing up in vintage attire. 

Just as we have every year since the event began. After all, girls just wanna have fun. And it doesn't matter what age they are.  We might not be the cute, svelte little things we once were but we're in that fabulous age group that typically has a little more discretionary income to spend on things like, oh, I don't know, maybe memberships to places like the MN History Center?  

Okay, off my itsy bitsy soap box and onto the details of what we'll be wearing.

The fashion show is the highlight of the evening with the best part the audience participation portion.  Every year except last year I've chosen to walk the runway and will likely do so again this year even though I'm wearing what I've worn two times previously.   My new addition is a vintage black velvet hat with a veil and a vintage slip. That hat you'll see, but not the slip. Even though the exhibit is about underwear.

I'm working on a dress for my friend using a reissued retro 60s pattern, Simplicity 3833.

So let me ask you. Can you tell what she'll be dressed as?

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  1. cool flight attendant outfit

  2. yep. put your trays in the upright position! (ps- you GO girl!)

  3. super-cool air hostess outfit! will there be a drinks trolley too?

  4. every time I read your blog, I remember all my vitage dress patterns I have stashed. I really need to get them out! lol And I hate the fact that the patterns I bought new are now vintage....agh!
    - ourhometoyoursx

  5. Yes she'll be an "aeromoça"... in Brazil.

  6. Great outfit--it's super cute!

  7. Up we go, into the wild blue younder! I love that pattern, and I have that pattern. Great dress!

  8. hello, I like their designs, flawless, congratulations, greetings, Monica



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