Friday, April 08, 2011

Now and Then - Flashback Friday 80s style

So the other day I'm browsing one of my nieces set of photos on her Facebook page. She's quite the photographer and I'm always eager to view her photos after she finishes one of her photoshoots.

As I'm looking at the photos I suddenly notice the lovely white lace dress she's wearing.

"Hey K" I wrote. "Where'd you get the dress? I used to have one just like it!"

"Ha, ha, ha!" she wrote. "It was my mom's garage sale a couple years ago. I bet it was yours!"

Sure enough.

It might be vintage to K but it was brand new to me in 1984.

She makes it modern with her headband and soft hair but I rocked it 80s style with my white lace gloves and big hair.

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  1. Oh Sharon, how cool is this?!?! You
    BOTH look great in the dress! Did you ever in your wildest dreams back back then think that someday your niece would be wearing it? (Or that your Mom would put it in a garage sale, for that matter?! LOL!)

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    That dress looks amazing in both versions. Isn't it wonderful how an outfit can be re-interpreted. You must be so proud - your dress has certainly stood the test of time.

  3. That is awesome!!!

  4. HOW COOL!!! I would have kept that dress, just because it's so beautiful, even if I never wore it again. Still, very nice that your niece is wearing it now. Like a heirloom!

  5. I must admit I was tickled pink when I discovered it was indeed my dress from 1984 - even more fun to discover I actually had a photo of me wearing the dress.

  6. Amazing! Right back in style and over the top. You both look incredibly in all that lace (love lace)

  7. Anonymous10:08 PM

    That's really cute. You both look great in the dress :)

  8. What a fun surprise for you to see your dress reborn! Isn't there a commercial or saying about that... "What's old is new again"

  9. Anonymous1:32 AM

    That is so awesome that you have pics of then & now! Love the lace.

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hi Sharon! I found this old blog in your archives...I am wanting to make something very similar to this for my 20 year old any pattern suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Katina
      I didn't make this dress - this was one of the rare ones I purchased.

      Let me think a bit on how to reconstruct it. I'll need to sketch it out as I remember it. But I think it will be pretty sraight forward

      Email me at sewingbysharon at gmail dot com so I'll have your email address.




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