Friday, March 25, 2011

An evening at the WINGS Flight of Fashion show at the Mall of America

Last night I attended a fabulous fashion show at the Mall of America - Flight of Fashion.

From what I understand, this fashion show - a fundraiser for WINGS was introduced last year and was so successful it was brought back again this year.  I certainly hope it becomes an annual event.

I heard about it just a few weeks ago and immediately called one of my fellow fashion-loving friends to invite her to attend.  Neither one of us were quite sure what to expect and I have to say I was very impressed.  The experience was inspiring and entertaining all at once.

Since they were accepting donations at the door for Dress for Success I brought along a few suits that were too large and have been languishing in my closet. One of them was one I had only worn once - McCall's 5815 - that wonderful striped suit with the bow incorporated into the collar. I sure hope someone will love it as much as I did the one time I did wear it.

As I entered the space I was greeted by dim lights and the pulsating rhythm of early 80s dance classics - you know Madonna, Prince, etc.- and I knew it was going to be a fun night. Rows of chairs were set up U-shaped around the stage and runway.  Hundreds of women filled the room and long lines formed on both sides of the room - one for the cash bar and one for the appetizers. Yum! I didn't catch who provided the appetizers but they were both  tasty and beautifully presented. I was quite happy to find numerous healthy options also.

I wasn't fully aware of the mission of WINGS so it was helpful to hear the background from the  organizers before the show began. While I came to see the fashions I was most impressed by the woman who shared her success story. I wish I could recall her name because her story truly was a success story.  You know, the kind of story that makes you want to volunteer your time to help other women recognize their potential.

The fashion show was well produced and had many outfits that one could actually wear.  As expected there were 70s trends, stripes, bright colors and fun shoes. I really wanted to see up close the coral one-shouldered dress the host was wearing as I wanted to see how the fabulous drape was created.

After viewing that show, I can honestly tell you that I am in serious need of a makeover! I didn't realize how much of a rut I have been stuck in style wise.

Lucky you there was an event photographer who has already posted photos on Flickr.  Here's the link so you can view some of the fashions also.  Enjoy!

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