Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow, puppies and fabric

Have you noticed this blog's been a bit quiet lately?  That's because there has been very little sewing going on around here.

And do you really want to read about yet another snow storm? Probably not.  But we are currently in the midst of yet another one. Sigh.

Or how busy I am with work and school?  As if you're not, right?

Or my adorable dogs? No, of course not.

But speaking of dogs. I almost adopted another puppy yesterday - a black lab/newfie mix just like our beloved Abby.  Her name is Rose. She's 14 weeks old and already 33 lbs. Isn't she precious?

She's a rescue puppy - just like our Abby - and is waiting for a good home. We went to the pet store last week to meet her and talked ourselves out of bringing another dog home. Realistically, at this point in time,  neither one of us is able to give a puppy the attention and training she needs.

Sadly, we did NOT adopt her.

Even so, I almost went back yesterday to visit her again.

However, to avoid the temptation I went to a fabric store instead.

Not just any fabric store but the fun one - SR Harris.  Woot!

While I didn't find a few specific items I was looking for I did find some knits and linens.  I know, they're not too exciting sitting in a pile, but I have plans for each and every piece. I'm quite proud of myself as I showed quite a bit of restraint actually.  And the trip was much cheaper than buying a puppy.

My favorite? That piece on top. It's a knit with a big bold taupe/black/red design.  It wants to be a dress but the print is so bold that the dress lines must be simple.  Did you notice the green?  That's for a friend.  She loved my wide collared knit top so I'm making one of her. The others? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. I can't give away all my plans now can I?

I was reading the latest post from "Did You Make That?" and was thinking how fun it would be to organize a sewing-bloggers get-together locally.  What do ya think?

SR Harris would be one of our main stops of course.

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  1. Deborah12:10 AM

    Hi Sharon!

    I love SR Harris! I'm not a blogger (yet) but I love reading and seeing what people are sewing. I'm in your area and I think a sewing get together would be perfect!

  2. Sharon - I've never heard of SR Harris but the pictures on their website had me drooling! Nothing like that, unfortunately, where I live. If you organize a shopping day, I might have to make a road trip and join you.

    Cute puppy, btw. I admire your restraint at not taking that sweetheart home with you.

  3. Oh look at that cute face. It would be sooooooo happy in your home!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SRHarris - it's the best fabric warehouse in the world! Or at least in my world. Obviously you are in MN, I'm in Maplewood, and too, snowed in... I've enjoyed your blog for a while now, always figured you must not be too far away.

  5. MI just got 11" during the night. I was out today, trying to move the 4ft drifts, so I could maybe get the car out. After blowing and shoveling for 2 hours, I cursed it, and threw the shovel and waited for someone to come along with a plow!

  6. PS. The dog is adorable, but I only want one if it can blow snow!

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