Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Back to Burda

Every month when I receive my Burda Style magazine I eagerly flip through it looking for THE item I want to sew.

Way back in September THE  items I choose was a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a pencil skirt with curved panels that wrap around to the center side back seams.  Beautiful lines.  

I traced the pattern only days after receiving the magazine. I even had the skirt almost completely sewn within two weeks.

But I wasn't sure on the length. I like the idea of the longer skirt silhouette but lately I've been wearing most of my skirts about mid-knee.

So it sat. And sat. And sat. Mostly because the weather turned cold so quickly and every time I thought about hemming the skirt I didn't want to change out of my warm layers to try it on.

But if I don't get to it I won't be able to wear it now will I?

So tonight was the night. Before changing into my comfort clothes I donned the skirt, snapped a few photos and decided on a hem.   After reviewing the photos I realized that on me this skirt either needs to be longer or shorter.  Where it hits now - even with the hem - is at the widest part of my calf which makes me appear shorter than I actually am.

Do you ever use the photograph trick to help you determine a hem, fitting issue or even decide on a design detail? 

By the way, the skirt is number 116 from the September 2010 issue. I'll post a complete review for you in a few days. Now only do I find it flattering with its unique curved panels but it was easy to sew.

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  1. Cute skirt, Sharon. Great idea using the camera to help decide the hem length.

  2. Taking photos is a great way to see things more objectively. It's looking good, so I guess you are going with a shorter length since it can't easily get longer!

  3. The whole "take a photo" thing was seriously eye-opening for me when I started figuring out what sort of body I had to sew for. (It was easy to just "pose" in an attempt to get a semi-flattering shot of me before then...when you're trying to sew something that fits, it's a very different story!)

    So yes, I'm trying to take photos mid-project when I have questions now - this is a perfect example!

    One thing I already know...I don't have a "pencil skirt body" - I'll just enjoy seeing a pic of the finished length on you ;)

  4. This is such a neat skirt pattern! I've made it once, but want to do another in a nicer fabric. Yours is looking great. You are so right, a little shorter should be perfect. Claire Kennedy did a great post on where hems should hit, and she also pointed out that they shouldn't hit at the widest part of your calf. I actually hadn't thought of that before. It certainly makes sense.

  5. it does look good, the curves are flattering on you.

  6. I love this skirt and the dress pattern with same curved lines. Kaori did an excellent version of the skirt last month. She is short and made a longer skirt length (perhaps by default). It looked great.

  7. I loved this skirt, too, when it came out. Haven't traced off any patterns in quite a long time, though! Looks great on you, eager to see more pics!

  8. That's a terrific skirt. Interesting what the camera's eye sees.

  9. Love your skirt the panelling looks great on it.

  10. So did you go shorter or longer?

  11. That's a great idea to take a photo to determine where the hem should be.

    Your skirt turned out great.

  12. Sharon, that is a very flattering skirt. Well done! And, they say the camara never lies, right?



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