Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Sewalong of 2011 - the pattern

Did I tell you I joined the Vintage Sewalong of 2011?  I've been so busy lately that I think all I did was post the button on the side of blog. 

I joined right after it was announced but then got stuck trying to decide what pattern to sew.  You see there are good and bad things about collecting sewing patterns.

The good? lots of lovely choices. The bad? lots of lovely choices.

I finally narrowed it down to two completely different patterns - a 1955 vintage vogue dress and a 1970s vogue designer dress.

Vogue 874, a Couturier Design - One Piece Dress, Cummerbund and Coat, c. 1955. It's an unprinted pattern (which I have yet to try) and a size too small.  While the pattern has been used the label was still inside the envelope. Bonus!

Vogue 2263, circa 1970s, Vogue Americana design by Donald Brooks, One Piece Dress with release tucks at the standing neckline, waistline and sleeves.

While the 1955 design would clearly have been more challenging, the reality is (Kelly, that phrase was put there just for you .) the 70s dress is something I could actually wear. And at this point in time I think I want to spend my precious little spare time sewing something I can do more than drool over.

So the Donald Brooks dress wins.  I'm using a wool knit from Fabric Mart.  The heathered purple knit is semi-sheer and since the pattern calls for an underlining Iordered black tricot. I have no idea if that will actually work or not.  I guess I'll find out soon enough won't I?  Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

And those of you who sewed in the 70s can stop chuckling about a 70s pattern qualifying as "vintage".  It's all a matter of perspective isn't it?

Oh all right. I'll admit the real reason. I'm not confident in my ability to resize that 1955 pattern...

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  1. I love both, but I think the 70's one with sleeves is great and looks wearable.

  2. I like both too, but the Danald Brookes is very contemporary.

  3. Leave it to you to come up with such wonderful patterns!

  4. I used the same criteria to decide - what would I wear the most! Looking forward to seeing you on the sewalong!

  5. I would encourage you to go with the Donald Brookes. You have hundreds of us blog followers to help and cheer you on!

  6. I like the bodice of the 1955 dress, but when I looked at the 1970's dress - that's the one I thought looked like something you would wear a lot more often. Maybe it's the accessories on the 1955 pattern? And I really like the darts around the neck and waist on it. If I were making it for myself, I'd consider putting a straight sleeve on it, but then I'm just not much on puffy sleeves (on me) in general.

  7. That dress has terrific details and will look fab on you. But don't cut yourself short. You are entirely capable of making any pattern you want.

  8. What chuckling about considering 70's patterns as vintage are you talking about? Oh yeah, that would be me! I truly did laugh out loud when the sewalong rules stated that patterns from that era were acceptable. If I was participating, which I'm not, I wouldn't have had to go farther than my storage room to find an appropriate pattern, purchased by me "back" in the 70s.

    That said, I don't have anything as lovely as the one you're considering. It's gorgeous and you'll do a fabulous job on it.

  9. Chuckling? Who was chuckling? Me? Oops, got caught, lol. I like your choice for wearability but I do love the elegance of the other pattern. Sigh.
    Keep us posted about how it comes out.
    Eileen Patterson

  10. The Brookes pattern is timeless and very wearable,and will look great on you! The details are similar to many looks we are seeing today--approx. 40 years later--in both patterns and RTW. Can't wait to see the finished product. Oh yeah, and a nearly 40 year old pattern? Still qualifies as vintage!!



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