Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes big and comfy is just big and sloppy

Back in 2008 (gosh that seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?) I received an issue of Burda World of Fashion that included this oversized top.  Pretty cute, right?  That collar and sleeves - adorable! And the length is perfect - not too long, but not to short - right at the hipline.

I liked it enough that I immediately traced the pattern - and I really, really, really dislike tracing patterns.  Guess I didn't like it that much because I never got around to actually sewing it until this past November.   Amazing how quickly time goes by....

Anyway.  The Burda magazine instructions weren't much help - no surprise - so I sewed it together using my best judgement.  

But here's where I probably should have checked the instructions a bit closer.  See those welt pockets on the top?  So I sewed them onto my knit top - and dang, they looked really good! As I held the front piece up to admire my work I noticed something a bit odd.  Turns out those beautiful welt pockets would only be functional if I crossed my arms to tuck my hands inside. 

That's right dear readers. I managed to sew them on backwards.  Not once, but twice.  Ha! I'm laughing at myself right now as I write this.  The third times a charm and I'm now able to use the pockets as they were intended. Of course they no longer look so good after getting ripped out and restitched two times...

Except for those darn welt pockets the rest of the top actually went together pretty quickly. 

The collar is just as I envisioned it would be. 

And the sleeves end with a delightful detail.

But oh my, oh my, oh my.  Is this baby big!  Look at how long she is when GiGi models her.

This is what is looks like when big and comfy is just big and sloppy.  I even tried the belt as shown in the magazine. But c'mon. Am I really going to wear a belt around my hips to keep this top in place? Nah, not this lady.

All's not lost. I'll simply chop off that bottom band, take the side seams in and wear it over a turtleneck top.

But that will have to wait just a little bit longer. Because it's gotten even colder than when I wrote this post!   At least it went above zero today. And spring isn't really that far away is it?

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  1. It's a little over-sized but still cute. Thanks for posting because I have a better judge of sizing.

  2. I kind of like the sloppy, mooching around the house look.

  3. I agree. Chop it off. Then if it does not work, put it into the "experience" file. The trash....... :)

  4. Yeh, it's big, but to me, it looks warm and comfy worn over sweat pants around the house. Anything warm and cozy is good, right? It's -5 degress in MI this morning. I'm wrapped up in my Snuggie.

  5. It's cold here on the East coast so it must be really cold there! Do what you think is best but it's a great color!

  6. It certainly looks cosy, and you look great in that color. But I agree, it does look a bit oversize for you. On me it would probably be about right. What issue was this in? 2008 is about the time I started picking up Burda occasionally, I may have this issue.

    After looking at the photo from the magazine, I'd guess they were using double stick tape, or told the model "don't move!" once they got the pose. I don't see how that belt could stay were it is otherwise.

  7. I'm only gonna say this because you already did--big and comfy is not your best look. Your figure is way too cute to cover it up with a big, loose top. I hope you can save it, but at least you got some welt pocket experience!

  8. Comfy tops are a must when you just want to chill out and do nothing. This is your choice and you've chosen a suitable colour so go with the flow.

  9. this does look comfy, especially in this cold weather.



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