Sunday, January 30, 2011

Month End Check-in: January

January is done. Well, in a few hours anyway. Close enough for me. Can't say I'm too sad to see it end as I hope the bitter cold will go away when it does.

So with the month ending I thought a little month-end check-in would be in order. After all, I began the month with some pretty lofty ambitions.

Sigh. True confessions time.

Progress on the 2011 Vintage sew along? Zero. Yep, no further along than when I posted about the dress last time.  You see that beautiful heathered purple wool knit is a bit on the transparent side so I knew it would need lined or underlined. The pattern calls for underlining, so I ordered some black tricot knit lining online hoping to use it as an underlining. Unfortunately the lining wasn't as opaque as I had envisioned.  Combining it with the wool knit isn't enough to allow the dress to be worn without a slip. So I put this project on the back burner until I can come up with a solution as to what to use.

Progress on the One Jacket A Month sew along?

Ummm. Well, you see it's like this.   I began sewing Vogue 8677 but ran into some fitting issues. The sleeves were all goofy. I tried the jacket on as soon as I sewed the sleeves on and they hung off grain. Now I did a small forward shoulder adjustment which probably contributed to some of the problem, but I really don't think it should have been off so much.  But I'll admit I forgot to adjust the sleeve properly. I began trying to fix it, but realized my heart really wasn't into it and dumped the whole thing.  I'm moving onto a jacket project that I'll love and come back to this one at a later date. Guess that means I should try and complete two next month.

So how did all of you fare with your January sewing projects?
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  1. Be easy on yourself...the jacket sew-along is 12 in one year. So if you do 2 in one month or 3 in another the point is to get 12 made during the year! At least that's what I'm telling myself since my January jacket is still at the very basic stage!

  2. Well, I'm not meeting my sewing goals..Planned to sew one garment a month. No wearable garments for January, although made 2 Crepe bodice muslins and a skirt muslin..The skirt is going to be easy to adjust-think I may have my TNT pencil skirt pattern..

  3. No garment sewing for me in January. But I tell myself January here is a go slow month being summer, tennis, and school holidays. Maybe Feb....

  4. I think I did well I got 4 garments done so I'm happy  with that

  5. Walking away and coming back is good idea. Then you come back relaxed and ready to tackle it again.

  6. I don't know why I even bother to set dates for myself. I never ever get things done on time. My January Dress is already going into February, bah.

    But I guess that's par for the course when you're a working sewist.

  7. Don't beat yourself up - sewing is a hobby afterall. Love the pattern you've shown here.

  8. I love the idea of the jacket sewalong, but the reality I know I could never ever manage. It takes me about 3 weeks to sew a jacket, and then hey! it would time to turn around and sew another one! I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone else manages, but I am totally happy to be an armchair sewer on that one!



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