Monday, December 13, 2010

Repeat performance

McCall's 4716.  My go-to pattern when I want to sew something fast. 

It's that cowl neckline. Gets me every time. 

I immediately thought of this pattern when I  purchased this knit remnant from Vogue Fabrics during the recent Sewing Expo.  Even with limited yardage I knew I could squeeze out a new tee.


I've sewn the top a number of times - the 2006 slinky knit version, the 2007 sweater knit version, the 2008 silk jersey version, the 2008 short sleeve version - and a few others that I didn't bother to blog about. But alas, I no longer own any of them. However, I'm not really too sad. There gone because I donated them to the thrift shop when I shrunk a bit. Hopefully someone else is enjoying them as much as I did.

I do like this 2004 OOP (out of print) pattern. Seriously. I could probably whip this baby up in my sleep.

Does that mean I officially have a TNT pattern?

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  1. I'm a sucker for a cowl neck, too! Love your new top, and yes... your history with that pattern constitutes a TNT! Congrats!

  2. Guess that does make it a TNT! Looks lovely. Cowl necks just look wonderful, period.

  3. Like the new top. I am guessing a TNT is a favorite pattern, but I can't guess what the letters stand for.

  4. Love the top. I recently made up this top-for the third time. I agree. It's a quick project.

  5. I'm a recent convert to the cowl neck and was disappointed to see the pattern is out of print. Your tshirt looks great.

  6. Terrific TNT! It's fun to sew something you know is going to be successful! By the way, Michigan has Minnesota weather. Well, almost, anywya, with temps of 6 degrees, tons of snow and vicious winds! 6 is not even a temperature!



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