Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pretty in Plum

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared that awesome mustard colored skirt with you? You know, the one from Vogue 8355. The one that I wasn't sure what color would work best.

Thanks to your comments I tried a few color combinations using jackets and sweaters already in my closet. 

Most didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Like this multi-colored jacket with burgundy boots.

 But today I hit a winning combination with this plum jacket I sewed a few years ago.  

And did you notice the scarf? I just happened to have a scarf on hand with both the mustard and plum colors in the pattern! Lucky me.

Instead of a black heel, I paired it with a neutral shoe - a grayish taupe suede wedge. It works because it's just a bit unexpected but not obviously so.

After a day at the office wearing the skirt I can tell you that is indeed a winner. I wasn't sure about the length but it's actually really nice for the office.

And in case you're curious the jacket is from Simplicity 4081, which appears to be out of print. Which is too bad because it's an adorable jacket. 

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  1. Those colors certainly work for me. Yes, just call me Tropicana. We had a wind chill factor of 9 degrees this morning.

  2. Fantastic colors, your outfits look great.

  3. I really like the jacket and boots! Maybe I'm just strange.

  4. I like both. I've recently seen this colour worn with a purple blouse and black sleeveless vest. You could go anywhere with it. Just not green or you will look like a member of the Australia cricket team - losers!

  5. I like the color mustard, but I can't wear it. Your look great in the outfit.

  6. Plum or purple is a winner with mustard! I like your skirt, and the length. This colour isn't great on me, but as a skirt like yours is totally wearable!

  7. great color combo and the printed scarf is very nice too

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the plum with the mustard.

  9. Fantastic outfit, I love all these colors together.

  10. What a great outfit!!



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