Monday, December 20, 2010

Infinity ... and beyond!

No, this isn't a post about Toy Story. (But those are great movies, aren't they? The last one I saw at the theater in 3-D, which was so much fun.) No, no, no. This infinity and beyond post is about my latest sewn gifts - two more infinity scarves.

They sure are a lot of fun to sew.  While you really don't need instructions, I followed the instructions for a knit version shown in the Fall 2010 issue of SewStylish. Lucky you, because the instructions are online here.

You may recognize this fabric from yesterday's post. I happened to have a piece of knit left over that measured about 12" x 72". Not enough to do really do anything with, but too much to toss.  By adding a contrast black knit to the backside I was able to make this scarf. As you can see, it's quite versatile.

Upper left: Worn long.
Upper right: Twisted once.
Lower left: Worn twisted once with black side showing.
Lower right: Worn as a stole/shawl or whatever you'd call it. It's simply folded and secured with a brooch

The second version I made was shorter, narrower and drapier. While it's not quite as versatile as the animal print one, the softer knit gives it an completely different look.  It's a slinky knit that I received in one of the mystery boxes from FabricMart.  (Whenever my total order qualifies for a free mystery box I place one in my shopping cart. While I've gotten some fabrics that I don't care for at all, most of the time I get high quality stuff that I can't wait to use.)  I especially like the look of this one doubled around the neck.

Now I want to sew myself one out of faux fur. Wouldn't that feel wonderful to wear when the temps dip below zero? Which means right now.

See? Even little Sophia needs a little faux fur to keep her warm as she snoozes on the arm of the sofa.

As far as sewing scarves go, before I sew my faux fur version I have one more I'd like to make as a Christmas gift. Another burnout silk like the silk one I made in October

Then it's onto the last handmade gift for this season.

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  1. I've been wanting to make a few of these, thanks so much for pointing me toward the instructions. Did you add the twist to yours?

  2. Lisette, I added the twist to the shorter one but not to the animal print one.

  3. Very cute, Sharon! I love your top from yesterday, too!

  4. Thanks for the link to the directions. So, you can get two out of two yards of fabric? Hmmmmm, gotta go digging in my stash . . . :-)

  5. Thanks for the link and the directions. I purchased a knitted version of the infinity scarf (I don't knit)a few weeks ago and was thinking about making a fleece version. Thanks for posting the instructions.




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