Friday, December 24, 2010

In the nick of time - one last Christmas gift

Last night I finished up one last gift - a Christmas-themed Hawaiian shirt for my dad.  The Santa's reindeer themed fabric - "dash away all" Alexander Henry print - is one I purchased when I was looking for holiday fabrics at Treadle Yards Goods a few weeks ago.

While a short sleeved shirt may not seem like the best choice for a Christmas shirt (especially since it's cold and snowy where we live) it's perfect for my dad for a number of reasons:
  1. My dad is a huge Christmas fan and will get a kick out of the reindeer print. 
  2. He favors short sleeve shirts year round. 
  3. He'll love wearing this in the summer months just so people will make comments. You see then he has a perfect excuse to start a conversation. And one thing my dad loves is chatting with people. He loves bringing a smile to your face even more. 
  4. This shirt - Simplicity 6368, from 1974 - is a tradition. I've been sewing him one of these shirts off and on as gifts since I was a teen. 
In 2005, I tried to "pass the baton" on to my daughter but that was the first and last shirt she sewed for her grandpa.  You can read the story here on this Flashback Friday post from 2007. 

In other news, we certainly will be having a white Christmas this year. We woke up to yet more snow falling. 

Sophia has been living in her little coats this year.

And my husband, bless his heart, is outside once again taking snow off of the roof in an effort to prevent ice dams. 

Now I'm off to do a little more Christmas baking before we attend Christmas Eve service this evening followed by time with family.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Have a very merry Christmas!

  2. Love the shirt. My dad would wear that shirt year round too.

    Merry Xmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Sharon, What a lovely tradition. Your dad is in good company, my husband wears short sleeve shirts year round as well...and we live in Canada!


  4. Love the shirt Sharon and I'm sure your Dad will too. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your holiday be filled with peace, joy and laughter. g

  5. I am envious that you can sew and sew so well!!! I have a love/hate relationship with sewing!! LOL. But I bet if we lived close to one another, you could hold my hand and help me love it!!

    Hoping your week is going great!

  6. julie evans1:16 PM

    What fun that your dad will wear this shirt! Enjoying reading old posts, even though I only sew up rips and kids' costumes and the kid is now in college.



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