Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cute overload

I'm not really one to purchase Christmas and holiday themed fabrics.  Probably because I typically concentrate on garment sewing for moi.

But I had an idea for a gift that required some green Christmas theme fabric.  With zero such fabrics in the stash collection I eagerly envisioned a trip to Treadle Yard Goods.

Even knowing I had missed the Black Friday weekend sale I suspected I'd find some cute holiday prints at that store. 

Not only did I find cute prints but they were still on sale - 50% off these cuties. 

Cute holiday fabrics overload, right?

My favorite?  The reindeer with names.  Wait till you see what I'm using this one for - it might be a bit unexpected.

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  1. You found some whimsical prints there. I really like the reindeer with the blue background and no names too. Can't wait to see what you are making.

  2. For sure, I would use the reindeer fabric for jammie pants!



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