Saturday, December 11, 2010

And snow it begins

My annual "I'm so tired of the snow" rant begins today.  It just so happens to coincide with the blizzard that is currently underway.   The last snow storm (that happened a week or so ago)  had already gifted our neighborhood with about 11" of snow. No official amount yet for this storm - probably because it's still coming down at a pretty good pace - but I'm certain it's already more than 11".

I would hate to think that I'm the only Minnesota blogger who did not post a photo of today's blizzard.

So here you go. Miss Abby sitting patiently hoping, hoping, hoping one of us will come outside and play Frisbee with her.  The falling and blowing snow doesn't bother her one bit. She's a Black Lab/Newfie mix and that Newfie blood blessed her with a thick double coat and high tolerance for cold weather.

This photo was taken much earlier today as evidenced by what appears to be only small amounts of snow covering the ground.  It'll be interesting to see if I can get the same shot tomorrow morning with the additional snow that's falling.

Since we're avoiding road travel today was spent marveling at the snow fall, baking cookies and sewing. 

You didn't think I'd pass on a chance to hibernate in the sewing studio on a day like today did you? 

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  1. I wondered how you were doing when I heard the weather reports earlier today. Geeze, I can't believe you will have over 2 feet of snow before the storm is over...I think I'm loving the East Coast now! *LOL* Glad you are snuggled into the sewing room!

  2. What a nightmare today. I got stuck at an intersection (why was I out????) in Good ole White Bear Lake....

    I am hardy, but today really exhausted my patience.....

  3. Glad you are safely tucked into the studio. Enjoy it. g

  4. Miss Abby is adorable! I'm glad you are enjoying your sewing room!



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