Monday, November 29, 2010

Should I or shouldn't I?

I don't know about you but I've been bombarded all day with email after email after email tempting me with "Cyber Monday" specials.  Ten percent off this, 20 percent off that, get this free if you buy that, free shipping...the list goes on.

So question is, should I or shouldn't I?

The fabric sales called out to me and I even peeked at the online offerings. But one look at my stored fabric drew me back to reality as I realized I already have a dream wardrobe just waiting to be sewn.

Of course the 25 percent off shoe sale at DSW was an interesting one as I do love new shoes. Even more so when I can find a good deal. But do I really need any more? Nah, not really.

One that really tempted me was the Vogue ($3.99)  Butterick ($1.99) and McCall's ($1.99) pattern sale. Did you notice the sale prices? Yep, the same price as when they're on sale at the local fabric stores. Not only that but I wouldn't have to drive to any store hoping the ones I want are in stock and in my size. A big bonus in my opinion.

Hmmm, I don't really need any new patterns either. I'm still working on a number of previously purchased designs.

So the question is, should I or shouldn't I?  

Too late. I just couldn't resist purchasing that Maggy London design - Butterick 5559.  I even have some ponte knit on hand that should work beautifully for this dress.  I suspect we'll be seeing this dress pop up on a lot sewing blogs in the near future.

 (Image from

Of course to receive free shipping I needed to order $15 worth of patterns so a few more were added to the shopping cart and are on their way to me.

What can I say? I'm weak...

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  1. Don't feel bad...I was weak with you...and it took me quite a few patterns to get to that $15 and free shipping because as a Club BMV member those prices were reduced by an additional 10% off. So sometime this week, 7 patterns will be winging their way to me...oink, oink! *LOL*

  2. aargh!!!

    I just bought a couple McCall's patterns last week, when they were a trifle more expensive.

    those are good prices. I wish we had such sales in NYC. Doesn't happen.

  3. I was so proud of myself for not having added to my pattern stash during my pregnancy . . . but . . . between the patterns I got for myself and the patterns I bought for my new baby girl AND extending my club BMV membership another year for $9.99 instead of $15 I made up for lost time. But it was free shipping so that was good right?

  4. I lost my resolve at the Eddie Bauer site! Then I decided to go for broke and buy more screen printing supplies.

  5. I caved too at the BMV sale and that same Maggie London dress was the reason. I meant to go get it when it was on sale at JoAnn's, but it seemed silly to make a trip into town for just one pattern! Of course 6 others had to accompany that pattern...wouldn't want it to be lonely on it's journey!

  6. Good for you! That dress is just cute as all getout!



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