Friday, November 12, 2010

Shopping at the sewing expo and other fun

Cheryl's booth at the Minneapolis sewing expo was steady most of the day and neither one of us was able to break away until mid-afternoon. Thank goodness I've worked with Cheryl before (and a number of trade shows before that) and packed snacks (grapes, carrots, cheese and the all important chocolate) to keep us from falling over from hunger.

Don't you love the jelly roll apron I'm wearing? One of her most popular designs (can be purchased in her online shop), it' was really comfortable to wear and is just darling.

Believe it or not, I only managed to get to visit one other booth.

Well, okay, okay, that's not quite true.

I actually managed to visit two booths, Trim Treasures and Vogue Fabrics, but only spent money at one. Bet you already know which one convinced me to open my tightly closed purse strings.

Yep, Vogue Fabrics.

Although the trims were gorgeous - and I do mean gorgeous - I had nothing specific in mind and didn't want to spend money on something that may never get used.

Hmmmm, that's funny, I don't seem to have that same problem with fabric.

Anyway, I know you will want to see what I bought, so here you go:

From left:
  • Vivid violet woven something with a somewhat stiff hand and tone on tone horizontal stripe. Purchased to make a dress, but now that I've brought it home it's saying it would rather be a casual jacket.
  • Beautiful lightweight navy blue wool with a fine tone on tone vertical stripe. It was labeled dry clean only but I washed and dried it this morning with no problems. I will admit that I use a front loader washing machine that has a special "wool" setting. This will become a skirt using Vogue 1092.
  • Gray slinky knit with a floral design and "rips" on the top layer exposing the black back. It almost has a quilted look with the stitched squares. Thinking maybe a cowl necked pullover top.
  • A pink and green paisley print knit, possibly an ITY. I don't generally choose greens for my wardrobe, but think this has enough pink in it for me to be able to pull it off. Again, I'm not positive on the pattern. There was only one yard and I want to make sure the pink and not the green is closest to my face. That means I'll need to really pay attention to the layout.
One of my favorite parts of working at the expo (besides helping Cheryl with her business) was meeting and talking to the many visitors who stop by the booth. Oh, and the security guys outside the entrance were pretty entertaining too. I still have the "H.R. PUFNSTUFf" song going through my head. See? You never know what kind of conversation you might have :-)

And I was thrilled to have one of my new sewing friends from the bra workshop stop by at the end of the day. Not so thrilled with her photography skills ...

Just kidding Patty. You knew I wouldn't be able to resist teasing you.

It was also fun to meet some of you lurkers (you know who are :-) And I'm so glad you stopped by! I wish there would have been a bit more time so I could hear more about you, your sewing interests and what brought you to the expo.)

While I'm hopeful to make it back to the expo for a short time tomorrow that may or may not happen. If not, there's always next year.

In the meantime, I have to get busy sewing myself one of those jelly roll aprons.

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  1. Looks like a fun day! Nice fabrics from Vogue!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us! Those are some great fabrics from Vogue.



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