Sunday, November 21, 2010

Continuing to build the skirt wardrobe - Vogue 8355

When I'm pressed for time to sew I fall back on my favorite instant gratification projects - skirts and simple tees.  This past week was no exception. With my husband away entertaining himself by hunting deer and tent-camping on snow covered grounds in bitter cold weather (that seriously does not sound like much fun to me) I pictured myself spending those seven days in my sewing studio.

Well, I didn't get as much time sewing as I had hoped (and my husband did not bring home a deer as he had hoped) but did manage to complete a skirt and a few tops.

The skirt is from Vogue 8355  a Divine Details pattern I originally purchased with the intent of sewing the entire skirt suit. I still might but not until the weather warms up again.

It's a very basic tapered skirt and the only "divine" detail being the bottom band. 

Because I used a tone on tone plaid I cut the band on the bias to add a subtle detail to the band. I played with adding piping or lace between the band and skirt but neither really worked that well.


The fabric was purchased last year during the $1.95 Vera Wang blowout sale at  It's definitely a color out of my comfort zone. While I like the color I must admit I'm struggling a bit with what colors work best.

Brown and black will certainly work but both feel uninspired. Cream doesn't do any favors to me when worn close to my face.

Now gray I like. I thought gray might work so I cut out a gray jacket that I hope to sew in the next week or so.   In the meantime I checked out the color combo by photographing it with a gray sweater I own. I like it, but then I'm quite the fan of my sparkly sweater :-)

Then, when I saw the skirt Rachel sewed with her fabric and how fabulous it looked with her teal jacket the hunt for a teal sweater or jacket began.  You know what? They aren't that easy to find.  I found this one but it's more blue than I wanted. It's unworn with tags still attached so it may be returned. 

I'll come up with something - after all I sew.

In the meantime, let me do a quick pattern review for you.

Vogue 8355 skirt pattern review

The skirt has front and back waist darts with a center back zip closure and back walking vent.  As usual for me, I substituted an invisible zip.

The skirt lining is sewn in the same manner as the skirt leaving an opening for the back zipper and vent.

Note that the lining is added before the bottom band is attached so you'll want to check the finished length of the skirt first as it is longer than many of the skirt patterns currently being offered.

After the lining and skirt are basted together at the waist, the grosgrain ribbon facing is added. It calls for 5/8" ribbon, but I only had 7/8" on hand. It works but it makes it more difficult to make sure you're only sewing the called for 5/8" seam allowance at the waist.

The bottom band is self-faced.  My fabric was too heavy for that so my band is faced with lining fabric. The band is sewn to the bottom of the skirt with the facing kept free. The facing is then slip-stitched in place.

After sewing a hook and eye to the opening above the zipper the skirt is done.

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  1. What a cute skirt - I love the bias band at the bottom!

    I love mustard yellow - I often wear it with burgundy or eggplant.

  2. Very pretty skirt. I like the color but see your predicament on finding just the right color to coordinate. I like Shannon's suggestion of eggplant or burgundy.

  3. Great color and I love the bias hem band. I also think this color would look fantastic with eggplant. I also like your thinking with the grey and teal. Lots of options!

  4. Your skirt looks better than the plain white Vogue one. The bias band is just the perfect detail and I think the teal and gray look wonderful with it.

  5. LOVE the skirt. The bias on the bottom band looks wonderful - makes that a little more special. I'm with everyone else's suggestions for colour combos, though I think you should stay with really dark colours to set off the yellow.

  6. Lovely skirt! I like it with both the grey and the teal colors. That shade of yellow would even look good with a maroon top. Very versatile I think.

  7. Mustard is new black you know! Great skirt in beautiful fabric.

  8. why oh why didn't I buy some of that fabric?!!! it looks amazing with your skirt. So cute. Love it with the grey.

  9. Cute skirt. I love it with the grey sequined cardigan. It looks like something Emma Pillsbury would wear!

  10. Crystal4:58 PM

    Lately, when I am trying to work with colors in my wardrobe other than pairing with neutrals, I try to think like an artist, and may even pull out a color wheel. Many different shades in the red, purple, and blue family could all work with your lovely skirt.

  11. I love the design of the skirt and I like how you've used the plaid to its best advantage.

  12. Nice! My first thoughts were charcoal for the top. I would go for a shorter cardigan however. Looks like an easy adaptation for a pencil skirt.

  13. This is such a nice skirt. Like the color, the fabric, the banding...really striking.

  14. Love the skirt! I like the teal sweater/jacket with it the best.

  15. that's a tough color! I'd pair it with another jewel tone, like an azure blue or emerald green. I think a pastel like the blue or grey wouldn't be as balanced?

    or white, of course?



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