Monday, November 15, 2010

Another LBS (little black skirt)

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote about my LBS - my little black skirt. Actually that should be LBS plural as I have many little black skirts in closet.  Unfortunately, most of them are now a bit too large as I've been working out on a semi-regular basis and lo and behold it's finally starting to work.
Yes, I suppose I could alter them, but honestly it's just easier to begin sewing new ones. And definitely more fun!

Here's my latest LBS.  Looks like a pretty basic little black skirt, right? 

Ah ha! Until I turn around that is.


Not so basic after all, is it?

There's two rows of flirty lace ruffles in the back sewn into the center back of the princess seamed skirt. 

 From the side the stand out a bit probably because it's a double layer of fabric. The bottom is the stretch wool with lace yardage on top.

The pattern is McCall's 5523, which I purchased way back when it was first released. The pattern stash contest at Pattern Review gave me the incentive to pull it out and sew a skirt (or two).

It's a princess seamed skirt, which is great for fitting, with a faced waistline. Mine ended up to be between a size 12 and 14 and is sewn from a stretch wool and unlined. I may regret not lining it, but I'll wait until I wear it all day before I decide if that was a good or bad idea.

It is so simple that I was able to crank this one out in less time than it would take me to drive to the mall.  So why would I buy a new LBS when I can sew one?

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  1. great detail at the back!!
    Rianna xxx

  2. Great skirt, how fun from the back.

  3. Hey! I have that pattern!! Love the skirt, love the shoes, love the look! LBSs go with everything!

  4. A new lbs is high on my sewing agenda too. The one I made way back has been worn to death.

  5. Love the lace in the back! I've made this skirt a number of times, every time a different back, and it's such a fun skirt to make.

  6. I echo Kristine in say that LBS's do go with everything. I love your skirt and the back detail.

  7. So, so cute! Love the lace detail on the back!

  8. Very cute! I love skirts with flirty back details like this.

  9. Oh, you flirty gal, you! What a temptress with that little swingy ruffle at the back! Very cute. Love it!

  10. Anonymous9:39 PM

    And I thought you were referring to me by my initials!



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