Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekend fun - a visit to the fabric warehouse

Yep. This weekend was my annual trip to the infamous SR Harris Fabric Outlet . It doesn't look like much from the outside does it? But boy, oh boy, when you walk inside you're in fabric heaven.

Rows and rows and rows of heavy duty shelving packed tightly with bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric, all 50 percent off the marked price. Knit, Lycra, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Rayon, Faux Fur. You name it they probably got it. Except silk jersey, which is one thing I was specifically looking for.

This is just the row of knit fabrics. Just the cotton and jersey knits. There's another row for lycra and lycra blends.
One never knows what oddity might be buried among the treasures. See what I mean? What would YOU do with this printed knit?

This is the place where you measure and cut your own fabric and trim, with some exceptions. Employees cut all silks, some trims and anything over five yards.

I do miss the days when I lived close enough to pop in weekly just to browse. But I do know my pocket book is much happier when I visit once a year.happier Pin It


  1. So did you buy the people covered knit? And what else did you get? I need to live vicariously through others fabric shopping now, so share okay!

  2. Yes, please do tell what came home with you. Lucky you to have such a place to shop at!

  3. OH Sharon!! I LOVE SR Harris!! I bought $500 worth of stretch knit for making baby wraps. It was wonderful because we happened to be there on a sale day when everything was 50% off and my mom and I got a HELL of a deal!! I LOVE this place!! I must admit that I've been lurking in the shadows reading your blog and I forget that you live near me until you write about things I know!! (I'm in the Rochester area)

  4. Hey- wait a minute- that store is in my city!!! You must live close by!
    Yes, that store is too far from my house to cause any great damage on a regular basis....thank goodness.....

  5. What fun! So, where's your fabric? Did you buy that people fabric?

  6. Big time envy from me! I can understand the financial implications that living close to this store might mean though. I'd probably get "choice paralysis" and walk out with nothing the first time I would be in a place like that. Too much to see/feel and fall in love with and unable to make a decision. Or else I'd be not thinking clearly and with a plan and grab whatever was interesting, only to think "huh?" when I got it home.

  7. i have never been there, but plan to go some time in the future...

  8. I see how it is...I think I live in a little bubble with no sewing enthusiasts near me only to discover a few in my backyard when I post about fabulous fabric shopping! We should plan a Twin Cities sewing meet up, with a trip to SR Harris included. My dream would be to get a group large enough that Kwik Sew would give us a tour too - fun, right?

    No, I did NOT purchase that people covered knit. That is one that made me want to shake my head sadly and contemplate the reason for wasting precious fabric on such a hideous print. I'm sure someone could do something fabulous with it ala Project Runway, but not I.

    And yes, when I lived close enough to swing by on my way home from work it was a bit of strain on the budget. Hey, it was either Friday night fabric shopping or Happy Hour.

    I'll share my treasures tomorrow after I get them photographed.

  9. How much fun! And, I love the idea of a Twin Cities meet up. Of course, I'm on the West Coast, so there's not a great chance I'd make it, but I would be oh so tempted!



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